A Vintage Affair

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Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've been ill, slipped in ice and been working 9-9 all week. What a complete nightmare! I've done loads of shopping and have some great outfit posts to show you which will hopefully be up on Sunday.

I found a great shop in Cardiff recently, it's been there a while but I'm so busy with work I didn't notice! It's called A Vintage Affair and you can find it in the Morgan Arcade in Cardiff.
Here are a few pictures of what's inside...

Run as a cooperative by four local vintage dealers and designers, the boutique is spilling over with trinkets, charms, homeware, textiles, curios and clothing.
I adore it! I'm going to try and pop in again in the week and have a proper look around because I'm sure I will come out with sack fulls of lovely things.
The shop also started to stock Calon products which are lovely home accessories, handmade in Wales.
My favourite product they make is this Christmas bunting-

(Nadolig Llawen is Merry Christmas in Welsh :) )

If you want to get Calon products online you can get them here.

I like that this kind of thing has a permanent base in Cardiff. As much as I love all the vintage fairs going on at the moment I can't ever attend any of them as they are all held on evenings and weekend and that's when I work :(

You can visit the shops facebook page here.

Here's what I've been doing in the library, nobody is coming in to take books because they are all busy shopping-

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  1. That looks so lovely! I hope your feeling better x

  2. Mega cute! I've been avoiding going out, my street is like an ice rink.

  3. Wow this shop looks so pretty! I bet there's some great little trinkets in there, I need to find more shops like that in my area. Hope you'll feel better after your slip-up soon, my bruise has just about healed from mine. Luckily the ice is a distant memory now!

  4. what an awesome little find! i love cardiff :) xx

  5. Cute post. Loving the blog I am now following!



  6. I discovered this shop by accident last week and agree, its totally gorgeous! xx

  7. Thanks Kb and daisychain, I better not fall over again when the snow comes back.
    I would love to own a shop like this, so jealous! Hopefully Cardiff will be getting more lovely shops like this x

  8. Love this shop, have you been to Joie de Vivre yet? There's so many little shops that have popped up in the arcades and I haven't even noticed them!!X

  9. Nope, not even been in Urban Outfitters yet, this time of year is just crazy busy. I'm going to have to take some time to have a good look around all the new shops x

  10. That shop looks right up my street! Sally x

  11. I am definitely visiting this store whenever I'm in Cardiff over the next few weeks! I love Cardiff shopping and this has got me even more excited for it now.

  12. this place looks magical!
    following you now :)

  13. I'd love to visit this shop; seems I could spend hours there :).

  14. wow, im definately going to look for this shop.....im going to cardiff right now as it happens!thanks!

  15. Let me know if you see/get anything nice :)

  16. I am always on the look out for new local shops to try out and I think I might have to give this one a go! Looks absolutly charming in there. Thank you!


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