I can't believe it's not Peacocks...

By Gem - 13:25:00

Hello! another work filled week for me so I only have a boring work outfit to share with you. This dress is not from Peaocks... not all of my dresses are from there, honest! This is a dress from Tesco which I bought a while a go but it's a little too formal for me, I prefer something floral with a bright cardi but it's nice to wear something smart to work sometimes. I have mentioned before that photos are a great way to see if something looks right, next time I will wear this with a more cropped cardigan as this waterfall one is a bit shapeless. I've had this belt for ages but I've never worn it, I'm trying to think of more things to pair it with because it's rather nice.

Dress: Tesco
Cardi: asda
Belt: Wallis
Shoes: Very

What do you wear to work? I find it tricky to dress for work because I don't have a dress code and all the students come in the library looking fab and I don't want to look like a scruff.

Here are a few vintage events in Cardiff coming up soon which you might like to attend- We Love Vintage Fair, Catwalk for a Cause and Pontcanna Vintage and Handmade Fair.

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  1. I love this outfit!! Luckily my library is the medical school one so they are often wearing scrubs. hehe :)

  2. How funny, this dress is about to apear in one of my posts very soon! I think it's lovely which is I bought one too lol

  3. I really like the dress, the print is really different to what you usually wear, but this is not a bad thing. You could see about adding a bit of colour through accessories xx

  4. Great outfit! I have bought clothes from Tescos too, although some people are a bit 'snobbish' about it for want of a better word. Photos are a great way of seeing if an oufit looks right...but I look chubby all the time :( xx

  5. I loved that dress when I saw it but it IS quite formal! I would love to see it paired with those gorgeous purpley shoes (maybe from your last post?) or with red accessories, I love the impact that red can have!

    Maria xxx

  6. I love the simplicty of this outfit, sometimes its nice just to wear black and white. Tescos do some great clothes dont they?

  7. ooh vintage events! exciting :D
    you look amazing!
    i looooove this belt <333333333

  8. @Rosie- I don't think I have many local readers but I thought you might like tto know about events :)

    @Maria- I have just the thing! A red hairband with a flower on and my Vivienne Westwood necklace has red in. I will try that out next time :)

    Nothing wrong with a bit of Tescos :) all my cardis come from asda, I find that they wash really well. Much better than h&m ones I payed twice the price for xx

  9. You look really good! i love your shoes x

  10. I love this dress, your waist looks really small in this pic :)
    I have blouses provided in work so just wear it with black trousers. Feel a bit crap at times, wearing the same old thing all the time, but on the plus side it saves a lot of worrying about what to wear and a lot of money! x

  11. I remember seeing this dress online on the tesco website and coveting it! I love it. I like to dress smart for work too, we don't really have a dress code just no jeans or trainers which I never wear anyway but I like to differentiate from workwear and non-work wear.

  12. There's a dress very similar to yours in Asda at the moment, there was a page in the latest Woman's Own (which I swear I didn't buy, it's my mums!) that shows you four different ways to style it all of which are great.

    I know what you mean about something being too formal but you pull it off really well!

  13. this dress is gorgeous and you look totally fab and very unscruffy

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  14. I can't believe it, I just wrote a massive comment about dressing for work and it didn't go through! Ugh.

    I really like that dress, though I agree with you about the cardi length. I find pictures helpful in that way too, it's funny how they're more revealing than a mirror.

  15. Sometimes I think it's harder to dress for something when a dress code is not applied. I think you always look very put together and I'm sure nobody coming into your library would think otherwise. :)

  16. i love tesco clothing at the moment, there are a LOT of dresses in this summer's collection which are on my list !

  17. you look adorable :) tesco have some great stuff in right now!x


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