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By Gem - 11:24:00

I'm a little late with my Cosmo blog awards post because I have been in London for three days and I was useless and took about 5 photos so I've pinched a few from the Cosmo site and the Miss Guided facebook page. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who voted for  Where Are My Knees, I was so happy with our 'highly commended' I don't feel like we have been writing it for that long and we aren't that established. So happy that people enjoy reading about our experiences. The blog really has helped me with my 50lb loss, I couldn't have done it without all your encouragement!  I love those photobooth pictures of me and the WAMK girls, I went back to the booth about seven times.

The full list of winners in all the categories can be found here

This is what I wore to the event-

No glitter or sequins for me but I got this fab dress from Evans in the Sienna Couture range, my bag is from Miss Selfridge and I wore plain black court shoes from New Look.

Me and Caroline

Lovely Lyzi in a gorgeous vintage dress.

All my lovely K West roomies! One of the best parts of the night was having a good old natter in the hotel in our pj's. Doesn't everyone look glam?

The cupcakes at the awards and Sarah's cupcakes ( Sarah's were way nicer ;) I ate one for breakfast the next day!) Diet went completely off the rails the past three days but you need to go mad sometimes.

Thanks again to everyone who voted and thank you to everyone who came to say hi at the event, it was lovely to meet you all!

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  1. You look gorgeous!

  2. Aww Gem you look absolutely beautiful :) Looks like an amazing night!

    The Deer Head


  3. Love your outfit, everyone looked gorgeous!

  4. You look beautfiul, that dress is gorgeous!
    And a big congratulations again to you x

  5. you look absolutely beautiful gem, glad you had a lovely evening :) xx

  6. A massive well done on WAMKs. You look stunning Gem!

  7. you look gorgeous! so pleased for you and the 'where are my knees' lot :) xx

  8. You all look lovely, congratulations to all you all! x

  9. You look so pretty, everyone does.

    I love your dress and congrats on your success!


  10. God your a gorgeous lot! mahoosive congrats btw!

  11. love your dress its gorgeous :)
    and sarahs cupcakes really do look better! haha


  12. aaah was so nice seeing you again lovely! thanks for organizing the room and stuff!
    Lily @ llymlrs // etcllymlrs

  13. You look absolutely stunning hun. I am so in love with your dress! <3 I'm glad you had a fab time and a huge congrats to you and the other WAMK girlies! :) xoxox

  14. Aw, you look absolutely amazing! Your hair looks super gorgeous and shiny. Huge congrats to Where Are My Knees for the highly commended achievement!

    x Michelle |


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