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When my friend announced that she wanted to have a Hawaiian fancy dress theme for her birthday I went into a panic. I had images in my head of coconut bras and grass skirts and broke out into a cold sweat. I'm a pretty confident person but I wouldn't go as far to bare my flesh on the streets of Cardiff. Some of my mates are going down the traditional route like the photo below but I suppose I get a lucky escape because it's hard to find plus size party dresses for fancy dress as they tend to be 'one size'. I want to not be a bore and get involved in the theme so I'm going to find some items that are more 'me' but still mean that I will fit in with the group.

fancy dress 1

I'm going to get involved with the theme by getting some garlands which I have picked up cheaply on ebay and I'm looking for some floral hair clips and I've found some pretty ones in the sale on Crown and Glory. I'm sure I will use the hair clips again, I hate buying things just for one occasion.
I decided to buy a tropical print dress from Primark which fits in with the theme but would also be perfect for a summer party or it take on holidays. I love the bold print and bright colours and I think I'm going to enjoy wearing something other than black for once on a night out.

fancy dress 2

The earrings would be a fun touch and you can pick up ones like there for a few pounds in places like Claire's Accessories. The shoes are so fun and bright and are a bargain at under £20 from New Look, you can get them lots of different colours like pink and orange. I'm going to dig out some blue eyeliner and pink lippy and go a bit mad on the make up too.

If money was no object I would have got a vintage inspired dress like this. I love the rockabilly look and I would feel a tad overdressed to go out in this normally but a fancy dress night out is the perfect excuse to get a little mad isn't it? I will share some photos of my final fancy dress look next week. They might be a little blurry eyed as I suspect a few cocktails will be involved...

Do you dread fancy dress nights out or do you fully embrace them?

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  1. Ah I LOVE fancy dress :) I fully embrace it :) I had a Hawaiian night out once and instead of wearing a coconut bra I simply wore a white vest top with a bright blue cardi :-) hope you enjoy your night out :-) xx

    1. lots of bright colours sounds like the best idea :)thanks!

  2. I'm not the biggest fan of fancy dress as I never know what to wear and don't want to spend a fortune renting a costume! I remember we had a hawaiian night one time at uni and it was one of the most fun to dress up for! The printed dress looks ideal :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  3. I love the idea of an hawaiian fancy dress! Must admit I am loving parrots at the moment, I got a G:21 parrot print blazer in the sale the other day for £4 xxx

    1. oooooh I'm going to asda on Tuesday will have to see if they have any xx

  4. I always try and do fancy dress this way as I hate having mountains of tack that I will never wear again- as nice as a coconut bra may be, it is never going to be office wear! No matter what size you are, buying nice clothes is always a smart move & I think you're going to look bloody awesome.


    1. fancy dress is a bit of a waste isn't it? the dress fits nicely and I can imagine wearing it on my hols next year x

  5. That outfit is going to be fab Gem, a classy Hawaiian lady! I did fancy dress on Friday night, the theme was sailors but I just wore nautical looking clothes, a sailor hat and some fake tattoos! I hate spending a fortune on a fancy dress outfit that you'll only wear once. x

  6. Superb!Theses design are looks very nice.I think its a good outfit for Halloween.


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