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This is my final post about Bestival, I promise! I think I'm having post Bestival blues and need to accept that I'm not going to see any bands tonight and there is no more easy access to wine and Wagamama. I was a totally rubbish blogger and hardly took any outfit photos (did the same at Reading and Paris) but here are the few that I took.


Dress: Geroge via Charity shop
Stag cover up(thought it fitted in with the wildlife theme): Primark
Necklace: New Look
Shoes: High top trainers by Converse


There was a wildlife fancy dress theme on Saturday and I must admit that I didn't put as much effort in as some and had a butterfly hairband, butterfly nails and butterfly face paint and added a wig in the evening. I was going for a woodland nymph/Katy Perry kind of look...

 Dress: Rare c/o Not on the High Street
Necklace: New Look
Hairband: Crown and Glory


I was provided with a great face paint kit and wig by Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress to take with me to Bestival.
I wanted to look like Katy Perry at the end of her Wide Awake video so I chose a purple wig. It was a really good match and had black and purple in it just like Katy's hair in the video. The wig was of a really good quality and was styled with a fringe and curls. It didn't require any styling and was very comfortable to wear. It looked pretty natural for a bright purple wig! It stayed on all night thanks to a secure net underneath the hair. I would recommend this wig, £11.99 is great value for a wig of this quality and it would also make a good witches wig (Halloween is only 32 days away!)


Getting creative with the face paint.


Me in the lovely wig.

The face paint went down really well in camp. It came with a set of brushes, sponges and a booklet showing you how to create lots of looks. It would easily be enough face paint to cater for a whole party of people and had every colour you would need to create your desired look. This kit would be great for a kids party or hen night. I loved the pots of glitter and wore these most days at the festival. I think the Snazaroo sets are great quality and good value, to buy all these colours and brushes separately would really set you back.



Jazzing up my converse.


Look at these guys, they really went all out with the Wildlife theme!


Writing this post has made me realise that Summer is finally over, no more festivals or holidays for me. I'm feeling rather sorry for myself!

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  1. Oh you look amazing, especially in the cream lace Rare dress! Glad you had such a fab time. Xx

  2. Replies
    1. I want to wear it more often, but there is no suitable occasion!

  3. I really love the cream lace Rare dress! I'm so jealous of all the festival pics that are flying around at the moment, I didn't get to go to any this year but hoping to do Glasto next year, fingers crossed!!

  4. Oh I NEED that stag print cover-up! A trip to primark may be required soon...

  5. You look great, i love your face paint on your leg :)

  6. looks like a fab time, both your dresses look so great with your converse! xx

    1. Thanks! it was sooo warm, there was no way I could wear my wellies.

  7. So envious of your bestival posts girlie, it looks like the most fun time! I've only been to stinky T in the park many years ago, so I would like to try another festival soon! You are looking amazing by the way <3 xx

  8. Aww it looks amazing I love the face paints and the black dress your wearing in the first post!

  9. You look beautiful, please dye your hair purple! ;)

    Maria xxx

  10. Awww, it looks awesome, I miss summer already :(


  11. These are such stunning outfits and your crown looks beautiful on you :)
    Must say I am loving that wig too ;) x

  12. Adore your outfits, must say you're a very brave lady wearing white to a festival tho!

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

  13. I wish I was this cool xxx


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