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Biba is a brand that I have always been drawn too. It is mentioned in the same breath as mini-skirts and the Kings Road which shall forever define the 1960's as a decade that swung. Barbara Hulanicki started Biba by selling her dresses through newspaper ads and by the late 70s the Big Biba emporium on Kensington High Street was the place to be seen and people like Yoko Ono, Brigitte Bardot and Mia Farrow were all wearing Biba. The Biba look consisted of what Hulanicki called "Auntie Colours" - mulberries, blueberries, rusts and plums and the shop interiors had a very art deco feel. House of Fraser re-launched the company in 2009 and it had been a huge success.

House of Fraser provided me with a Biba bag to review and I have to admit, it's bloody gorgeous! I recently bought  Biba clutch bag in the sale which I coveted for months but this leopard print number is now my favourite bag. I love anything leopard print (as all Richey Edwards devotees do) Print is hard to match with outfits but luckily most ofmy wardrobe is black so I don't have to worry about this!


Dress: H&M
Shoes: Clarks
Watch: George
Necklace: eBay
Belt: New Look
Bag: House of Fraser

biba bag


I love all the details on the bag like the huge leather tassel, the art deco logo lining and the fur like material the bag is made from. The bag is big enough for me to take to work or shopping on the weekends. I've managed to fit a brolly, purse, full make up bag and my lunch in it today. It definitly feels like a luxury item but it can handle the demands of daily use.

Have a look at House of Frasers designer handbag collection to find Biba bags and lots of other brands.

biba bag leopard

What bags are on your wishlist at the moment?

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  1. Love that bag, I've been a big Biba fan for a long time, but never owned anything! I think they have beautiful clothes!! xx

  2. Ooh what a beautiful bag! Love your dress too!

  3. Your dress is so pretty! How lucky of you to receive the bag, it looks to be a good size for practicality too!

    louisejoyb x

  4. That bag is everything I love in a bag. I was having a look at Bibain Manchester the other week - beautful things xx

  5. You look amazing, you're right that bag is lovely. I'm in love with massive bucket bags at the moment! xx

  6. Oh that's lovely (and I don't even like leopard print!).

    I'm stalking Dotty P at the moment for a clutch bag that keeps featuring in their emails but won't flipping well come into stock on the website or in store. I must have it!

  7. I've got a lot of love for the Biba brand (old and new) and of course you look amazing, I love that dress on you xxx

  8. Gorgeous bag.As you now I can't resist a bit (ok a lot!) of leopard print. I picked up a lovely silk Biba tea dress in their sale (70% off), was really pleased! xx


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