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I just got paid and I’ve been looking to expand my wardrobe and I’m on the lookout for some workwear that isn’t boring and is also on trend. The military trend is going to be huge this season and I've seen all the high street stores go khaki crazy. The colours red, purple, gold and black will be feature heavily. Velvet and fur will be textures you definitely need to keep an eye out for and a country look will also dominate the high street.

So what did I do when I chose my  favourite a/w dresses by Debenhams? I've basically ignored all of those things and picked things with pretty prints! haha I don't know how much life heavily embillished baroque item would have so I'm sticking to what I know and looking for sensible items that will work beyond one or two seasons.

My first choice is a floral Red Herring dress. I think this would be great for work with black tights and boots or flats. You could also dress this up in the evening with heels, a clutch and some lippy.

The next three dresses are all from the H! Henry Holland range. I always love the items in this range and there are usually plenty of cute animal prints to chose from. I think these dresses would look great with some thick tights, boots and a tweed jacket to fit in with the country classic type trend that is emerging at the moment. The dress in the middle has a squirrel print, I feel a shopping trip coming on and I'm 99% sure this will be coming home with me.

The final dress is from the Oasis concession and it has a rather lovely key print. Again this would be great for work because of the length and would look great paired with a blazer but it would also be equally as lovely for the weekend. I don't think I've seen anything with a key print anywhere else yet so I will be snapping this one up pretty quickly.

What have you been eyeing up from all the new collections hitting the stores at the moment? Are you a dedicated follower of fashion or more or do you keep an eye out for classic pieces?

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  1. I love the A/W colours but your can't beat a quirky print, the Oasis dress is my favourite xxx

  2. I cant get enough of the H! by Henry Holland range at the moment, there's a lovely bag I've got my eye on! The Oasis dress is lovely, I definitely think you should purchase :) xx

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  4. I have seen key prints in H&M on a dress and skirt but I find their sizings very odd, fitting fine on the bottom half but the top being so ridiculously small that on a dress that buttons up the edges wouldn't even go 2 inches near each other! Maybe that's just me though. The oasis dress will be much better quality and last alot longer. There's always something in the Henry Holland range I'm lusting after.

  5. i love henry holland, he always makes clothes that i love ^_^
    great picks!
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  6. I've always had a bit of a thing for Red Herring clothing, and H! by Henry Holland is always full of wonderful pieces xxx


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