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Hasn't time flown by this year?! It seems like summer just ended and I've only just got back from Bestival but we are only a few days away from Halloween and weeks away from Christmas. Halloween in my house is a pretty big deal and we are already decked out in black, purple and orange decorations and burning our Yankee candy corn candles.

 My brother and I have always been fascinated by witches and I can probably recite the whole of Hocus Pocus and Bedknobs and Broomsticks from memory. Treguna Mekoides and Trecorum Satis Dee! I will always dream about getting my letter to Hogwarts, I'm not too old to still find out I'm a witch right? Although I didn't want to be a witch like Sabrina because her spells always went wrong and she had that creepy cousin Roland...
Anyway, I love getting dressed up for Halloween but hate buying things that I would never wear again. Fancy dress is always made from cheap stretchy material too, bleugh! So here are my favourite dresses and accessories from boohoo.com to get you in the Halloween spirit.

halloween 1

1 Very vampy! Great for Halloween and adaptable for a witch or vampire

2 Rather McQueen, I would wear this if I was going to a club for Halloween. I would feel a little self conscious walking into down in full fancy dress and fake blood on my face but the skulls would fit in with the theme perfectly without going over the top.

3 This would be great as a 2 for 1 dress. Equally as good for Halloween and Christmas parties.

halloween 2

4 Another pretty and very versatile dress. The open parts on the waist remind me of cobwebs, what do you think?

5 & 6 Little skulls will add some dark glamour to any outfit and I don't think I've ever seen tights with gold skull studs on before. I think they would look pretty cool with a black dress and are a cheap way of updating an outfit you already own and making it fit with a Halloween theme.

I'm going to a 'Dead Celeb' themed Halloween party and I'm dressing up as Dusty Springfield (big idol of mine) To get the look on a budget I'm wearing a black 60s shape dress that I already own, a beehive wig and going a bit mad on make up to create the signature Dusty look.

Whether you are staying in and watching a good horror movie or going out to a party I hope you all have a very happy Halloween!

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  1. I am in love with dress 1 and dress 4 woud love to get my paws on them

  2. Ah I love some of those dresses! Me and two friends are dressing as dead Powerpuff Girls this year :D I'm Blossom so am rocking a pink lace skater dress with pink contact lenses and a lot of scary make-up :D xxx

  3. I love the " cobweb" dress it's beautiful - I dont know what the cut out would look like on me though! lol xx

    1. you would look sassy in that black dress, end of!

  4. Oooh love all these outfit picks :) especially the bracelet and tights :)

    Laura x

  5. These are some hot dresses, I especially love the first one. I love the skull necklace as well, I'm a sucker for anything with skulls (or skullies, as I like to call them). There aren't enough Witches in movies, am I right?


  6. I LOVE the tights! It's all about the tights for me this winter - I have polkadot, houndstooth, stars, sparkles, you name it!

    Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday at Jamie's, if you see me first then don't be shy!

    Porcelina xx

    1. looking forward to tomorrow :) Sparkly tights sound amazing and remind of of school discos, I need a pair! x

  7. Those tights are gorgeous :)

  8. Oooh, the third dress is my fave, although the first one is lush too!

  9. Love this outfit.Lovely dress, you look really pretty. I'm jealous you can carry off that black skirt!!!


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