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Best British Bloggers contacted me a while back to see if I'd like to review a bra from Panache. I jumped at the chance because I always invest a lot of time and money when it comes to getting a new bra and I consider myself quite the bra connoisseur. I spent the majority of my teens buying cheap bras in pretty colours which inevitable gave me back ache and sore shoulders. I finally got measured in Leia one day and discovered I was about 4 cup sizes bigger than I thought and much smaller around the back. I've not looked back since and consider bras something that you shouldn't scrimp on just like good quality shoes and foundation. Why buy something that isn't quite right when you have to wear it everyday?

I think a bra can make a huge difference to how you feel. I work in a library which can be a pretty manual so I like a nice full cup (don't want to be spilling out) and lots of support. I like to be confident that I'm secure and my clothes look good on top of my underwear and that my bra gives me a nice shape. I normally wear a nude Fantasie t-shirt bra but I find them a little dull and un-sexy but they do the job.

I chose the Panache Tango in Violet because it has a full cup but the colour is far more exciting than what I normally go for.


I wanted to post a photo of me in this set on here and I don't have much shame at all but I do worry about who can see this and maybe semi naked me on the Internet isn't the best idea. I went to Bravissimo who stock this brand a week before getting this set so I knew I was a 36FF, the fit is perfect. I try to get measured once every two months especially as I'm currently losing weight as my size is constantly changing. The wire doesn't dig in, there is plenty of room in the cup and the colour and embroidery detail is very pretty.
I'm really impressed with this bra and have been worn it a few times since getting it to make sure I can give it an accurate review.

I think I would prefer and extra hook on the back and slightly thicker straps because I need a lot of support but I've not found the support a problem so far, I'm just being fussy.

panache superbra underwear

Have you tried Panache underwear before?

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  1. This set looks gorgeous! I love the colour :) I should really get measured again, I haven't been measured in ages!

  2. the color looks amazing! I love the violet!

  3. Panache HQ are actually based in Sheffield, not far from where I live! I applied for a job there once, but didn't get it. Lovely bra, I think you can really tell quality when it comes to underwear and as you said, more often than not investing in good quality equals good results xxx

    1. exactly, I wouldn't scrimp on a bra and I treat the ones I do have very well and hand wash them xx

  4. My favourite t-shirt bras are panache. They are just boring flesh coloured ones but they are perfect for under everything because you can't see them!

    1. I love my fantasie one, looks great under everything. Just wish it was a tad more atractive x

  5. They're so pretty I love rhe colour !!

  6. Such a gorgeous colour!! I love this. I've not tried panache before may have to test these out next time I go bra shopping x

  7. Bras are something that are an endless annoyance for me! I hate that bras over a DD are so expensive and more often than not not particularly that nice. If i'm spending so much on underwear i want it to at least look nice but seems all the bra I like are a DD. Saying that I was recently a DD again after afew years and turns out that I still couldn't buy the nice bras as they gave me no support at all. Me and bras will never see eye to eye! SIGH!


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