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I know, I know... ANOTHER Topshop basic dress. I just can't help myself, I've got this in two colours too. I picked this up a while ago when Topshop had discount and free delivery so it only cost me £18. It's stretchy and holds it shape really well even after loads of washes and hasn't faded. I think these dresses are a bit of a bargain and are really versatile. I've worn this on a night out with heels, a clutch and a statement necklace but I usually wear it with my biker jacket to work. The only problem with this dress is that it is a tad short. I'm about 5 ft 6 and its a bit indecent. If you are 5 ft 5 and about I suggest you get it from the tall section.

hoody, biker jacket, tartan snood

Dress: Topshop
Biker jacket: Topshop
Hoody: Topshop
Snood: New Look
Necklace: New Look
Shoes: High top trainers by Converse
I've been wearing this outfit a lot recently, its so comfy and you can add as many layers as you like.

converse, tartan, uk blog, black skater dress, bikr jacket

I've had a lovely week with a surprise party for my friend Meg, confirmed my new full time all year round contract in work and had lots of other lovely opportunities come my way. Then I lost my purse on Thursday and I've been in a bad mood since. It seems silly to get upset about it because it is all replaceable but I really did like that purse :( Sorry for mentioning it on twitter about 50 times in the past two days.

The rain has put a stop to any plans of taking my dog for a long walk and getting out to take some photos so I'm stuck inside watching Dr Who and making rocky road chunks which isn't a bad way to spend a Saturday really.

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  1. You can never have too many basic dresses Gem! Adore the snood - it looks so snuggly!

  2. The Topshop basic dresses are brilliant and so wearable with EVERYTHING. I want to get the blue one and add studded shoulders to it!

    Cat -

  3. Love the layering, that dress looks great on you. Congratulations on your new contract. xx

  4. Love this dress- it's such a great basic!

  5. love the basic range in topshop. simple piece that go with everything. love it. looking good xx

  6. I love the dress and the snood :) You look so cosy!
    Sorry about your purse, it sucks to lose something like that! x

  7. Sorry that you lost your purse lovely, that sucks :(
    I love these basic Topshop dresses, they're so easy to dress up or dress down! You look lovely :)

  8. Love that dress! That's a shame about your purse. It's not silly to be upset about it. I'm sure you'll get an even better one tho :) x

  9. I love this dress, I own it too along with lots of other topshop basic dresses. I wear this one for work and it is brilliant for it. Congratulations about the job too :) xo

  10. I am so sorry you lost your purse, it must have been awful, I know I would feel upset too if I had lost mine. Even though a purse is just a purse there is always that little bit of personal attachment, so I understand where you are coming from. Let it be a sign of some good luck on it's way, and make sure you treat yourself to a equally lovely new purse.
    p.s You look amazing girl! Totally rocking that dress, love your tartan snood xxx

  11. This dress looks lovely on you, congratulations on your new contract!

    Maria xxx

  12. I can see why you bought multiples! it looks great on you..and I love the scarf or is it a snood? & two jacket look! you're adorable! = xx

  13. Congratulations on the new contract! The dress looks lovely on you and I need to find that snood xx
    Love from Ella @ Belle Vintage


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