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By Gem - 12:08:00

I'm very hard to impress when it comes to finding the perfect party dress. I don't like glitter, diamante or sequins. I don't want to pay £80 for something that I will wear once and then ends up in the sale for £20 on Boxing Day and I like to find something that I can wear for more than one situation.

This Simply Be dress ticks all my boxes. It's demure enough to wear to my Christmas party at work, nice and high neckline and not too short. It shows a bit of personality with the bright colours and it has a cut out at the back but it is high enough to wear the dress with a bra. (Why are there so many open back dresses at the moment? this girl simply can't go without a bra!)

I've styled this with some black wedges and a studded clutch which is how I would wear it for my Christmas party at work but I would add some red shoes and red lippy if I was going to wear this out with friends or a blazer and some pumps if I wanted to wear this to work.

simply be party dress

Dress: c/o Simply Be
Shoes: eBay

I probably could have sized down to a 14 in this dress as the cut is pretty generous but I think the extra room is handy considering how many chocolates and drinks I consume over Christmas. I feel really comfortable in this dress and the little capped sleeves mean I can wear this without a jacket or cardigan.

Can you find your perfect party dress with Simply Be?

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  1. That dress looks gorgeous and I love the studded clutch x

  2. I really like this on you, looks like it will be so versatile!

  3. You look gorgeous here, I love the print on the dress and your clutch is lovely! ox

  4. I love the dress, the colours are amazing, the it is lovely on you.

  5. That dress look amazing on you Gem! I love the burst of colour and the studded clutch works perfectly with the outfit xxx

  6. This dress is lovely, and looks gorgeous on you! I've found that with dresses at the moment, so many have cut out backs...they look lovely from the back but make your boobs look rubbish!

  7. Perfect dress and you look fab of course! It kills me when I see a nice dress to turn it around and see it has an open back, I'd be so selfconsious without a bra on and I know many others who would too xxx

    1. this is perfect, just has an opening about where your bra is x

  8. Beautiful dress, very fun and feminine! I like the sound of the open back too. Great Christmas dress xo

  9. Oh love the dress Gem, the colour are great and I'm with you I dont want to spend a fortune for something thatll be in the sale in a few weeks and I probably wont be wearing again for a while. Im not a sequins girl either! lol!
    Daisy Dayz

  10. Ooo it's gorgeous! I've never really thought to look on Simply Be for party dress, although this may have solved my work xmas party dilemma x

  11. Twit two Gem, this dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you!

  12. Lovely dress, it is stunning. The print is amazing- gorgeous girl xx


  13. Very cute dress - perfect for Christmas parties :D - Enjoy!!

    Sal x

  14. This dress is gorgeous, I love the splash of colour!

    Maria xxx

  15. Pretty dress! Looks great. I'm really annoyed by all the open backed dresses around at the moment too. I need to wear a bra and they just aren't practical for me :) x


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