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I had such a lovely day yesterday thanks to  Chantele, Georgina. Leanne and Laura the organisers of a Cardiff Bloggers meet up (#CDFmeet) It made a nice change not to be involved in any organising of an event in Cardiff and I managed to relax, chat to everyone and not worry about anything. It can be stressful trying to get a group of people together so thank you girls, much appreciated.

We all met in The Brewhosue Cardiff where we indulged in some 2 for 1 pizza and cocktails. The poor barman must have made over 50 cocktails in the space of an hour.


The Lush ladies came along and did some demonstrations for us I'm currently sporting a face full of the Cosmetic Catastrophe facemask as I write this post which I was able to take home with me.





It was lovely to catch up with everyone and meet some new local bloggers too. Always love s catch up with Amy from Bonjour Cupcake who is pretty similar to be but maybe less in love with David Tennant.


I was a but rubbish and didn't get many photos so here are a few of my favourite instagram snaps from the day. I wore my strawberry dress which in hindsight was a tad inappropriate but it was nice and sunny so I wanted to wear something summery.
I got to hang out with Charli and Leanne who have one of the best blogging stories ever. Charli is going to be bridesmaid at Leanne's wedding and they met through blogging, brings a tear to my eye! My Samsung Ace finally died so I splashed out and got a new HTC One, it's such a silly phone. You can change the channel on your tv with it and all other manner of ridiculous things. Been playing with it all day and haven't even found out half of what it does.


Laura also made her first ever vlog yesterday about the meet up which you can view below.

If you've never been to a meet up before I highly recommend it, don't worry if you're shy because there will be someone there like me who doesn't shut up and tries to talk to everyone. If there aren't any meet ups in your area, organise one!

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  1. SO gutted i couldn't make it hun. Looked like an amazing day. x

  2. Oh, that photo of me! Bad times! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :) xo

  3. Sounds like you had a great day! :)

  4. Ah love a meet up with you gem!

    1. Gutted that you're in Turkey when I'm in ldn :( xx

  5. Looks like such a great day out :) And you have now made me desperately covet pizza and cocktails. Which is a highly inconvenient desire at 1 AM. I'll have to make do with tea and cereal! Really nice to see blogger meet-ups.

  6. Ohh looks like a great day. I need to see you again xxx

    1. I just said to Alice that us three need a summer adventure xx

    2. I second this! Manchester or Sheffield or Blackpool maybe? xxx

    3. love the sound of all of those! xx

  7. Aww it looks like you had a lovely time!

  8. I don't think anyone could love David Tennant as much as you ;)

  9. Looks like a great day out! :) I went to my first blogger meet up this weekend too in Brighton and had a great time, I met some really lovely ladies who I think I will become great 'real-life' friends from now on too.

    Am following your blog, and look forward to hearing more about your goodie bags!

    Lyndsay xx


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