Things I love - 2013 - Part 1

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I thought I would start doing little review posts every 2-3 months to share some of my favourite buys with you. My blog is mainly outfit/fashion based posts (and some photos of nights out) but most of my monthly wage goes on beauty products, records and eating out so I thought it would be great if my blog reflected that.

First up is my new miracle moisturiser, Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream:

Kiehl's facial cream

I was given a small sample of this at a John Lewis beauty event a couple of weeks ago and was eager to try it out after hearing that Kiehl's is a great brand from a few of my friends. I take very strong antibiotics for my acne and one of the side effects is dry skin. I have a real problem around my eyes, mouth and nose and struggle to apply make up on top. I have tried a variety of moisturisers and balms to help with this but none have worked.

I tried the sample of the Ultra Facial Cream and and the results were instant! All my dry patches were gone, and my skin was left hydrated all day. My make up glided on over the top and my skin felt much softer. I had to buy a full size tub because I was so impressed. It wasn't cheap at around £43 but it really is perfect for my skin. You can get a 50ml tub for £24 but mine is the 125ml tub. You only need a small amount so I'm sure a small tub would last for a long time.


Kiehl's describe the product as:
  • 24 Hour, light-textured hydrator
  • Reduces moisture loss
  • Continuous water replenishment throughout day
  • Not tested on animals
'Inspired by our beloved Ultra Facial Moisturiser, this light-textured, 24-hour hydrator helps to retain moisture within the skin, leaving skin feeling comfortable and well-balanced.
Apply to clean facial skin day or night as needed to combat moisture depletion.'

I would 100% recommend this to anyone with dry skin, you should pop to a Kiehl's counter and ask for a sample. I REALLY like this product.

Next up is a mini review of the album In Love by Peace. I saw this band on the NME Tour earlier this year and fell in love. They remind me of early 90s Manchester, which if you have read my blog before you know I would have loved to have been involved in that whole scene. It's has a mix of influences like early Blur, Happy Mondays and Stone Roses but songs like Follow Baby also have a My Bloody Valentine/shoegaze vibe. Some of the songs one the album are a little weak but there's enough quality tracks on there to make it worth a listen. Even though they borrow heavily from the past they have managed to make something quite unique.

Peace In Love

I love the book by Joe Dunthorne, the Movie which was directed by Richard Ayoade and I'm a huge fan of the soundtrack by Alex Turner. I really love everything about Submarine. The Submarine soundtrack is a collection of five and a bit tracks by Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys fame. Even though I love the Arctic Monkeys I think, Turner's finest moment is still the Last Shadow Puppets' 'Standing Next To Me' (whose video was directed by Richard Ayoade) and this EP is reminiscent of the work he did with Miles Kane on that album.
It has a few lilting ballads and a couple of mid-tempo pop tunes that can be compared to Richard Hawley. It's brief but beautiful and fits the film perfectly. Turner tried to capture moments rather than retell the script in a song and I think he portrayed adolescence very well. Craig Roberts, the actor on the cover of the EP is from the town next to where I live and I saw him in Tesco once and hid behind some baguettes like a loser...


What have you been loving recently?

p.s. selling a few bits on ebay

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  1. I love the kiehls facial cream, I had two little pots of it and they lasted for months, I bought a big tub last week.
    Its amazing how hydrating it feels especially when you just need a tiny amount, it seems to expand somehow. x

  2. Oooh I love the submarine EP as well, have it in my record collection :) By the way really liking how your house is turning out in the post below :)

    Laura x

    1. I love Alex, I listen to that EP most nights before bed :)


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