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Ah, wedding season – a time filled with declarations of true love, inflated hotel prices and thoroughly dodgy DJs. Finding the perfect outfit for a wedding can be a challenge and gift buying etiquette is a minefield so hopefully my guide will help you relax and enjoy the big day.

First up is choosing the perfect dress:

Wedding guest dress

Yigal Azrouel | Jaeger | Reiss

Dress up, make the effort.You have been invited to one of the biggest days of someones life. The photos will also last a lifetime...

Ask the bride or someone in the bridal party if what you plan to wear is ok if you are unsure. I found a lovely cream dress for a wedding once and asked the bride if it was ok to wear it and she was totally fine with that as she was a white wedding dress.

Try the outfit on before you travel to the wedding, you don't want to rush around on the morning of the big day looking for spanx or a strapless bra.

Take a safety pin/mini sewing kit in your bag. Someone at a wedding always has a disaster and you can be their knight in shining armour.

You need a wedding-appropriate coat, jacket or umbrella. Most weddings involve standing around and photos outside and you don't want to cover up your gorgeous outfit with dull coat.

Read the invitation closely for a dress code.

Wear something fun, it's time to celebrate. You're not going to a funeral.

Apparently weddings are a good place to meet men but don't wear anything too sassy. You're there as a guest, let the bride shine and don't steal the limelight. 

wedding gifts

East of India | What's On Your Wall custom canvas | Le Creuset

Take your time.
 Traditionally a guest has a full year after the couple's wedding date to send a gift. So don't settle for something you're not happy with but maybe waiting a full year is a little too long...

Take advantage of gift lists.
 Couples spend the time and effort registering for gifts because that's what they really want/need. Most couples register at least six months before their wedding, so you can hold out for a sale or discount code before buying.
If you really don't like anything on the list
make sure any gift a couple didn't register for is returnable, either for a refund or for store credit.
If you don't want to buy off of a couple's list or if they don't have one, ask the happy couple (or a maid of honour, parent or someone else who's 'in the know') what they would like. This could save a lot of stress and worry.
Buy as a group. For the last wedding I attended I saw that nobody had bought the rather expensive Le Creuset pots on the list so I got a few friends to chip in £30 each and we bought some lovely casserole pots that will last the couple a lifetime.
Stick to a signature gift. If you absolutely love a particular item and know it's a guaranteed hit, give it everyone. I always give a 'memory box' that I make myself or customise.
Money is a great gift option. It might give the couple a little bit of extra spending money for their honeymoon or let them complete a set on their gift list.

What are your top wedding tips?

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  1. That Reiss dress is simply gorgeous - if only I had the pennies to treat myself! It's the perfect wedding gift!

  2. Good advice. Especially the gift-buying, which can be a total nightmare. Some people are really NOT happy if you don't shop from the list.

  3. Great guide Gemma. I've ordered my friend a cushion printed in the style of a Wedding invite, can't wait to share it on my blog! x

  4. This your post absolutely good about beautiful women Wedding guide. I like your post keep it up.


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