Gok Shapewear - Celebrate National Underwear Day

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Today is National Underwear Day so there's no better time to introduce Gok's Simply Be exclusive underwear collection. His range of Slicker Knickers and Banger Boosters are well established here in the UK now and one sells every hour. Gok believes the right underwear really can work wonders and just because it’s super-shaping it doesn’t mean it can’t look good too. Gok Wan’s shapewear range is designed to make your outfits look amazing, give you confidence but still look cute. 

The new additions to the collection come in a very fetching and on trend dogtooth print in both purple and black and white and black. The white and black fits perfectly with the 60s trend that is going to hit the high street this Autumn/Winter. The range comes in sizes 12-32, back sizes 34 - 46 and cup sizes A - G.

I don't regularly sport shapewear because I find it very restrictive and I rarely wear tight fitting clothing that requires smooth lines. I'm also not a fan of nude underwear which most shapewear seems to be. This range appealed to me because it is light control and comes in a rather lovely print so I couldn't wait for my package to arrive from Simply Be.

gok shaper

I found that the briefs gave a nice silhouette under dresses without leaving me feeling squashed and unable to breathe and the balconette bra did the same, it gave a nice shape and the wide straps didn't dig in to my shoulders. I love the high waisted briefs and the set has a very fun and retro feel. 


Another factor that puts me off buying shapewear is that it's so difficult to get on and trips to the ladies room become awkward and take five times as long. I didn't have those problems with this all over light control body shaper which has a handy fastening at the bottom. I love wearing this under dresses on a night out and feel very confident when I'm wearing my items from the range. I love the price of this range as it's comparable to if not slightly cheaper than my normal brands of choice Freya and Fantasie and it comes in a wide range of sizes. My only quibble is that the sets don't come in a FF cup size and I had to size up a little but I still managed to get a great fit.

I rarely wear bodycon dresses because I'm not confident enough to show off all my lumps and bumps but I would consider wearing that style and this dress more now that I have some light control briefs. Here are some before and after photos sporting regular briefs before and the Gok high waisted control briefs after:

before gok wan

Not entirely sure that these photos do the range justice but the after look is noticeably different, leaving me with a far smoother silhouette and feeling much more confident about wearing this dress.

after gok wan

If you want to try the Gok range it is available from Simply Be right now.

What do you think of shape wear, do it give you more confidence? 

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  1. You look amazing in both sets of pictures! I tried shapewear on a night out and it was the worst decision ever. It took me 20 minutes to go to the loo and the more I drank the longer it took to get dressed again. If this isn't the case with this shapewear I might just have to try it.
    Nina from little nomad

    1. the poppers on the body are very handy!

  2. I don't mind shape wear, it often helps me feel more confident (which can't be a bad thing!) LOVE the new look too, it is lovely!

    Maria xxx

  3. You look amazing. I love the Gok range!! Can't wait for payday to hurry so I can buy the collection xxx

  4. Shape underwear are the best things ever invented! They are an absolute godsend for me as i love pencil skirts but my bum is far too large for my liking! These ones are so pretty!

  5. Oooh these look great, Gok has such an eye for style, not only do these do wonders for you but they are super stylish as well :)

    Laura x


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