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I have real issues when it comes to finding shoes. I have wide feet with a rather high arch so finding boots that fit is practically impossible. I usually stick to pumps or converse but that can get a little dull and nether of those options are practical for the cold winter months.

DUO is a brand which focuses on high quality footwear in up to 3 widths and 21 calf sizes. All that choice in fit means that anyone with narrow, wide or just regular fit would be able to find something to suit them with DUO. They might just be the answer to my footwear problems!

duo shoes

I love the classic equestrian style of the Beaumont boots and low heel makes them the perfect choice for the day. I could wear these with my Barbour jacket for country walks in the winter or with some slim fit jeans and a chunky knit for another casual look. The fact that they are made of leather would mean that they would see you through a few winters and I also have loads of calf width choices to chose from which would mean a nice, comfortable fit.

I love the Darcel shoes which are a heeled version of the classic loafer featuring a traditional fringe detail and block heel. These would be so easy to walk in and would be super smart for work. 

The platform Campbell boot  would make a great replacement for my tatty old chelsea boots that have seen better days. The elastic means that they wouldn't be a pain to get on and I know these would go with most of the outfits I wear. 

Now I just need to make the not so easy decision of which pair to buy...

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  1. I love the knee high boots! Perfect for Autumn/Winter :) x

  2. Oooft those chelsea-style ones are lush! My feet are different sizes to each other... would love a store to cater for a weirdo like me!

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  4. I have wide feet and ankles, and until DUO, spent my entire life without knee-high boots. I highly recommend visiting a store to figure out your size. I wouldn't have been able to sort it out online - I was a different shoe and calf size in most of the boots I tried on. I bought two pairs and they were worth every penny.

  5. I think they're cute! The first one would go great with skinny jeans and leggings as wide calf boots looks more adorable in tight fitting clothes. The second line boots would look great with dresses and skirts.


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