Barrowman, Burgers & Brecon

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Last weekend was packed with loads of fun excursions and plenty of good food and for once I was in Cardiff/ South Wales all weekend which makes a nice change from getting three hour trains across the country.

I went to see a musical called Stalking John Barrowman at the Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. Stalking John Barrowman is a new musical by Naomi Chiffi, Jude Garner and Patrick Steed which was full of laughs and for a Barrowman and Doctor Who fan like myself was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Its story is about two unlucky-in-life characters that meet through their love of John Barrowman. The cast were all fantastic and a lot of them were locals and I even went to school with one of them. I hope this travels across the UK because it was full of laughs and deserves to be seen by a big audience.


I spent Saturday evening with my boyfriend having a bit of an American themed night. I made chilli cheese fries, burgers and root beer floats and we staying in watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia which is my new favourite show. I like to go a bit overboard when it comes to food so I even got some burger papers and trays so the food looked like it had come from an American diner and not Cardiff M&S. I wish I could eat like this all week, ice cream floats are the best.



I got up bright and early on Sunday morning and headed to Talybont in Brecon to explore the waterfalls there and to walk off some of the burger calories from the night before. There are more dramatic waterfalls in the UK but I don't think there any as closely located as these.





If you're going to do this walk in the winter it could get very slippery so I wouldn't attempt it in All Star shoes like I did (was scrambling all over the rocks), you would be better prepared if you wore some practical walking boots. This Topshop jersey dress is the most casual thing I own, really need to invest in some outdoors type clothing... I would say this is a fairly easy walk and most people could attempt it with little difficulty.


The views were really spectacular and its a shame that I don't get out and explore Wales more, I tend to spend most weekends over the border or going to gigs and plays. I think I will be making trips like this a more frequent occurrence.

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  1. Wales looks so pretty and those chips need to get in my belly!

  2. Yay, I've been to Talybont, I thought it looked familiar. Your casual is stylish, mine is more tramp! X

  3. Yay, I've been to Talybont, I thought it looked familiar. Your casual is stylish, mine is more tramp! X

  4. Where did you get the baskets/burger papers from?! Inspired. Loving your blog by the way x

    1. I got them all on ebay, I just searched 'red plastic food trays' and 'Burger greaseproof paper'. Thanks :)

  5. That looks so fun - root beer floats are the best - well root beer is so good - glad you used the A&W too! One of my favorite foods is melted cheese and bacon bits over fries like they do at one of the themeparks in Pennsylvania. Perfect!

    1. Mixed a bit of coke in with my root beer as it was waaay too sweet for me but I had to buy the root beer in a delicatessen. Love the sound of bacon bits on fries, will try that!

  6. i really need to visit Brecon, it looks so pretty....although i definitely don't own any practical shoes which could be a problem! x

  7. Hi from a new follower :)
    I love the look of them chilli cheese fries they look very tasty


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