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We enjoy hosting our bigger events from time to time but we all thought it would be nice to have a smaller, more regular meetup for people to attend and so, we present to you…The Cdfblogs Blog Club!

Excited yet?! Chill people. Calm yourselves.
Every month we’ll hold a meetup somewhere in Cardiff where you, the bloggers of Cardiff, can sit down together and work on your blogs, exchange some ideas and generally get to know each other a bit better while still, and this is the important thing, being productive!
We all have those days, weeks and even months where we just can’t get motivated or we’re just not inspired or we just can’t find the time. Our blogs bear the brunt of it and they sit there, looking lonely and neglected, as we struggle to get some words out or figure out exactly what we want to say.
This is where Blog Club hopes to help.
By gathering a small group of you together in the same space – from new bloggers to the more experienced and established among us – we hope to give you the kick in the ass to get things moving again. With other people around you working on their blogs you’ll hopefully be inspired to get things going on yours again or their productivity might rub off on you as you sit near them.
Our first Blog Club meetup will be on Sunday 29th September 2013 at Chapter Arts Centre in Canton and a handful of our team will be there from 2pm to 5pm (of course you can stay as long as you like). You can come along for the full 3 hours, if you’ve got the time to spare, or you can just drop in for an hour anytime throughout the afternoon.
We’ve created an Eventbrite so we can get an idea of how many people are likely to come along during the session. If you’re coming for all or part of it then sign up so we can make sure we can plan enough space for this and future meetups.
Interested? Hopefully we’ll see you there! And remember, the first rule of Blog Club is… I jest! I jest! There aren’t any rules. Except for the ‘You must bring cake for the organisers’ rule ;)

*This post was written by a follow cdfblogs team member Tzevai, and originally appeared here.

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  1. I like so many of you Cardiff bloggers... wish I was there!


    1. You should come! :) Just pop up for the weekend next time one is on. Or, you know. MOVE HERE. Wait, yes. Do that.

    2. haha yes, I agree with Sarah. Cardiff is lovely.


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