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When all the students go home for Summer the library gets pretty quiet and I get to take my leave. I like to spend some days with my dog Sookie and having a long lie in but the past few weeks I've been trying to get into the outdoors a bit more and explore Wales a little. I went to Monmouthshire a few weeks ago, Brecon this weekend and here to Rest Bay earlier this week.

I tried to be a little nautical for my trip to the seaside so I wore the latest addition to my Fred Perry collection, this stripy t-shirt.


Skirt: New Look
Shoes: Champion cvo basic Keds c/o Spartoo
T-shirt: Fred Perry
Sunglasses: River Island
Necklace: Primark


I played some Frisbee on the beach (I was awful) and went for a paddle in the freezing Welsh waters and had a lovely, relaxing day. Note to self, white shoes and tights are not ideal when playing Frisbee on a beach, really should wear some more practical flip flops next time... I always forget that I'm so close to the coast and really need to make the effort to come here more often. Rest Bay is a rather nice Blue Flag beach and it's pretty good for surfing apparently and I really want to have some surf lessons next Summer. I really need to invest in some swimming and surf gear, I went swimming in the sea in my school swimming costume that is over 10 years old and a baggy t-shirt this year...


I enlisted my mate to take some photos who found it all very funny and told me to do my tea pot blog pose, cheeky.


The title of this post was inspired by this Horrors song which I first heard on 95bFM in New Zealand, overlooking Bucklands Beach.

Have you got any recommendations for places in the South West and Wales for me to explore?

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  1. I loved Brecon, those secret waterfalls are amazing!! You look lovely, I'd love to work in a library. Books galore and quiet, bliss xx

  2. Gem, we are SO lucky to have beautiful places within such a short distance! Depends what kind of places you're after, do you like walking or just pottering about??

    P x

    1. little bit of both :) so handy being close to the city, country and the sea x

    2. Ok, for rambling country walks with nice pubs at the end - Vale of Glamorgan. Find the 'Valeways' website for free leaflets to download.
      For pottering around and a bit of afternoon tea, I'd go to Abergavenny in Monmouthshire.

      Happy exploring!
      P x

  3. Ah I wish I lived close to a beach that didn't look like black sludge - ah the joys of Southend haha! You look lovely Gem!

  4. Love the pictures. I used to love holidays in Brecon and West Wales when I was little. Wales is so beautiful.

    Liz xx

    Distract Me Now Please

  5. You look lovely, I wish I was near to a beach!

    Maria xxx

  6. Love that t shirt gorgeous, you are totally making me love fred perry xxx

  7. Beautiful pictures and I really love that top! :)

  8. It looks so lovely here! Adore this outfit :)

  9. You can't go wrong with some Fred Perry! I've never even been to Wales, which I really should remedy soon! xx

  10. What a lovely look, perfect for a getaway :) I really like the necklace and the tee!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  11. It looks gorgeous, really atmospheric. I love coastal walks, and I don't even mind if it's rough or rubbish weather, it all adds to the feel of the place! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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