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It feels like an age since I last shared some outfits with you but I've been busy with boring things like cleaning my room, going on a first aid course and recovering from a horrid illness. Being ill is always a fab excuse to get people to bring you tea and cake though so it's not all bad. My brother took these photos for me and insisted that I look like a witch in this outfit which I'm going to take as a compliments because Sabrina, Sarah Sanderson and Eglantine Price were pretty much my favourite characters as a kid.

The jacket and boots are trusty favourites and the dress was a bargain from boohoo at about £15 with 15% off on top of that. My bag is my new baby, pride of joy and treasured item. Bit OTT? I really do like this bag and had a splurge on payday and treated myself to it because I felt ill. That's a good enough excuse right?


Necklace: H&M
Jacket: Topshop
Bag: Vivienne Westwood

a picture of Vivienne Weswtood croc bag

I write about my love of Vivienne Westwood on here pretty frequently and have been able to build up a little collection by saving and being spoiled and getting them as gifts. I've always loved Vivienne Westwood, the person and the brand. All the different reincarnations appeal to me from the 430 Kings Road/Punk era, the pirate/Romantic look of the 80s, her use of British wool and the emphasis of the hourglass figure in her Anglomania collections.

I always love the Autumn/Winter collections from Vivienne Westwood which use black, patent and berry tones with some tartan thrown in for good measure too. I think her bags add a very British/punk edge to an outfit which I don't think you can get from any other designer. Here are some of my favourites from the latest collection:
vivienne westwood bags

The black bow shoulder bag is definitely being added to my wishlist.

Are you a fan of British punk style or is Parisian chic or Italian glamour and excess more your thing?

*collaborative post

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  1. Its funny hearing what boys think about certain outfits. Everytime I wear a pencil skirt my boyfriend thinks I look like a mermaid :P
    I like the outfit - the bag is definitely a winner!

    1. I have to stop myself taking my bag to work and gigs because it isn't really appropriate but I love it.
      My brother is always pretty frank with his opinion on my outfits xx

  2. You and your love for Viv :) Your hair is looking reet gorgeous these days missus. 5 days! ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

    1. Wooooo SATURDAY! I do bloody love a bit o' Viv xx

  3. What a beauty of a bag! I might have to steal it! I still need to get a Viv bag.

  4. That bag is beautiful! Definitely the best kind of pay day treat! x

  5. In love with your bag, I love Vivienne Westwood.
    Very lovely outfit.


  6. This bag is beautiful, you are the perfect advert for Vivienne Westwood!

    Maria xxx

  7. Ohh these bags are gorgeous!!!

    Helen (Uk Bloggers)

  8. My sister has the same bag! Good choice :)
    Linda x

  9. love that pink bag and by coincidence I may have found a matching nail varnish, fantastic!!!!

  10. Ah that bag is soo nice! Love the colour :) and your outfit! Hope you're feeling better!

    Meimei xx


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