Great Plains Biker Jacket

By Gem - 12:54:00

I had a rather lovely and calm weekend after all my recent travels around the UK. It was great to be at home, do some cooking, make all my lunches for the week ahead and spend some time with my Labrador Sookie. I didn't spend the whole weekend lounging around in my PJs though, I went to the Oxjam event in Cardiff on Sunday to see my boyfriend's band play and to see a friends set. This is what I wore:

great plains jacket

Jacket: c/o Great Plains
Dress: New Look
Snood: New Look (old)
Black winter Boots: Clarks

It's rare that I find a biker jacket that zips up without having to size up a couple of times. It's lovely and soft and was perfect for a gig because it's light and not too bulky to hold when it got a bit hot.


If you've not heard of Great Plains before they are owned by the same people and French Connection and have some great basics and items in fun prints. They have stylish and casual pieces which are all very understated, well worth checking out. I have a lovely bike print skirt from them which I posted about here

biker jacket

Sookie came out in the garden to help me take some blog photos/stand in most of the shots.

sookie labrador

Hipflask, probably playing a song about a cat.


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  1. LOVE the jacket, and the thought of a nice, quiet weekend sounds wonderful. x

  2. Ah I do love a good biker jacket Gem!

  3. I'd love to know the words to a song about a cat. Love your jacket, much as I adore the idea if a biker jacket I wonder if I could cope the the assymmetry....

  4. Oh god, that jacket yum. If there was such things as a fashion erection, I'd have one xx

    1. LOL at Danni! Nothing beats a good biker jacket. Loving this one xxx

    2. Haha you make me laugh, get to Cardiff right now!! xx

  5. This jacket looks lovely on you, its such a good staple item to have. My own personal one is bright electric blue and is absolutely divine, but I must admit I hardly ever wear it because the colour is so difficult to co-ordinate. I really like Great Plains stuff, sometimes its a bit mumsy but they have beautiful prints and the quality is always lovely.

    1. Oooh the blue sounds great but tricky. Yeah, Great Plains is one of those brands who always have a cute print, I love the umbrella one at the moment.

  6. Love this jacket and also this look. I'm a big fan of tartan with leather at the moment :) Also, your dog is sooo cute :)

    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  7. Oooh it's the leathers! Well I think you've made it look great, even if you weren't sure about the cut to begin with.

    YAY SOOKIE <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

    1. Sookiesoos :) such a cutie. I like the cut now, good to have a biker that zips in in the winter xx

  8. love the Jacket, and the dog is adorable :)


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