Outfit post - Yumi Dress and Clarks Boots

By Gem - 13:42:00

Well today has been a bit of a write off. I forgot my railcard and make up bag so had to go back home to fetch them and missed my train to work. I got drenched in a downpour and I've just managed to shut my fingers in the door. Can someone just come and pick me up from work and take me home? Such a walking disaster. I'm a total mess today but I'm wearing my current favourite dress and boots so I suppose  it's not entirely bad.

I thought I would get a little dressed up today because I'm going out straight after work for food with friends and this outfit fits the bill. Smart enough for work but also OK for an informal meal.

polka dot yumi dress

Dress: Yumi
Belt: Primark
Boots c/o Clarks
Brooch: Topshop

I've been wearing my Clarks boots non stop recently. They are great at keeping my toes warm and dry and they give my a few extra inches in height but are easy to  walk in because the heel is nice and chunky. I think I might pair them with some tartan on the weekend for a bit of a grunge look.


Some silly posing for you.

polka dot dress

Clarks are currently running an Instagram competition where you can win £100 Mr & Mrs vouchers and a free pair of shoes. To enter all you need to do is upload a photo of yourself wearing some Clarks shoes and use the #ClarksStyle hashtag. Nice and simple. 

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  1. Ah no - get some cake Gem, that will make your day a whole lot better! Love those boots! Got such a soft spot for black ankle boots.

    1. Gin will make it all better Sophie, will wash some cake down with gin ;) xx

  2. oh this dress is so lovely on you. A polka dot dress with long sleeves is something I want to own now....
    I do love a sturdy ankle boot and these are cracking x

  3. I can't believe what a fail of a day you had! :( It's definitely holiday blues playing tricks on you. At least you looked lush mate, if you were in my vicinity I would have come to fetch you xxxxxx

  4. Replies
    1. ha, thanks! They are very sturdy, been wearing them a lot.


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