F&F Winter Coat

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With the weather turning distinctly chilly and weather warnings issued for this weekend a biker jacket really isn't going to cut it anymore. I've finally caved in a dug out my hats, gloves and chunky knits to keep out the cold.

This rather lovely coat comes from F&F at Tesco and features contrasting sleeves, hessian and wood toggle fastenings and a hood. I'm always on a look out for winter coats with a hood as it's hard work trying to get an umbrella out of your bag when you have gloves on. The reason I really love this coat is because it reminds me of Oliver Tate from my favourite book and film Submarine. He wears a rather lovely navy coat with toggles in the film and I've been on the hunt for one just like that for ages.


Sookie joined me in the garden for some posing.

Coat: c/o F&F
Skirt: New Look
Necklace: Punky Pins
Black winter Boots
: Clarks
T-shirt: Horrors band merch

f&f duffle coat

I love the classic appeal of a duffle coat which grew in popularity when they were issued to members of the Navy in WW1 and WW2. The wooden toggle-fastenings were made to be easily fastened and unfastened while wearing gloves in cold weather at sea and the oversized hood offered enough room to wear over a Naval cap.

I'm off to the #BathXmasMeet on Saturday and the Clothes Show Live on Sunday. Will I be seeing any of you guys there? I'm really looking froward to getting all dressed up and having the chance to do some reading on the train back from Birmingham. Hopefully I will have time to squeeze in some Christmas shopping too as I still have a few gifts to get. I've found a new site which has helped me save loads on Christmas presents with discount codes called Voucherbox. I have signed up for ASOS discount code alerts on there which I have made full use of. The more I save on presents means the more I can spend on myself right? ;)

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  1. Loevly coat - F&F have done pretty WELL with their recent offerings, in my opinion. Just picked up a whole new outfit from their sale at lunchtime for £20

    1. Bargain! wish there was a store I could browse locally but the online store is pretty good.

  2. very nice coat :) love the colour!

  3. I had been hunting for a coat with a hood forever and it was Tesco that came up trumps for me too! I got a checkered duffle coat. The hood on mine is MASSIVE not complaining cause in these chilly winds in Scotland it certainly does the trick. Even better I had vouchers so was only £20!


  4. Aw Sookie looks very dignified here, nice profile pose! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Love the tartan skirt!x

    1. cutie isn't she? :) Had a lovely weekend thank you, hope you did too!

  5. These winter coats look really great on you. I got an awesome coat for myself at Burlington. They had so many to choose from and I love their prices. I totally didn't need to, but I ended up buying two of them because I couldn't decide and the prices were really good.

  6. Ohhhh Oliver! He is so lovely. Liam was watching a film with him in and he had an american accent last week. Not quite so alluring. <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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