My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

By Gem - 11:10:00

I'm starting to get really excited about Christmas. I've got Pinterest boards dedicated to it, I've been baking Christmas treats for friends and I've started to tick things off my Christmas food shopping list. You're meant to grow out of this I suppose but even thought it's only the 1st of December I've already bought and wrapped most of my presents and I'm acting like a big kid. I'm going to watch Muppet Christmas Carol tonight and I might even sport a Christmas jumper whilst doing it.

I get a lot of joy from planning, wrapping and seeing someone tearing open their gift and most of all that look of excitement on their face. But with Christmas in mind I can't help thinking about a couple of things I would like Santa to drop off for me. Some gifts on my list are far too extravagant but it doesn't hurt to browse, right?

Don't worry,  I'm not coming over all twee like Jess from New Girl because I've wanted a bike so badly since hiring one in Amsterdam a few months ago. Viking make very similar bikes for around a third of the price so I may treat myself to one in the new year when I've bought everyone else their Christmas presents. To be honest I could stick a bell and a basket on any red bike and be pretty happy with it. I'll be total hipster cliche riding around on one of these...

Some gifts are more practical like the GHD's because my old ones have died and I've lost my favourite Alpha ring from Daisy and would love that to be replaced. I really don't need another dress but this Ted Baker one is so soft and silky and I always go an have a little look at it when I'm in House of Fraser, it's very pretty. Zalando currently have the dress on sale down from £205 to £145.

The little Pandora charm is not only super cute it would also remind me of my trips to Nash Point lighthouse and Portland Bill this year. My final pick had to be some books. I always get books for Christmas and these are extra special books. Each book is bound in cloth with covers designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith. I think books make the perfect gift because as Moz once said 'There's more to life than books, you know. But not much more.'

ultimate Christmas wishlist

Bike -  Pashley - £675
Ted Baker Cocktail Dress - Zalando - £145
G Alpha Ring - Daisy- £37
Lighthouse Charm - Pandora - £40
GHD IV styler - ASOS - £79
Clothbound Classics - Penguin - Whole Collection £460  - £14.99 per book

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  1. Wow, I could sure do with a new hair straightener, too. Also... that bike is so cute! Alas, I'm too lazy for bikes hahah.

    x Michelle |

  2. i got this bike last month, with a basket added on!
    same style but so much cheaper and the service was really good

    1. Thanks Sarah, will check that out.

    2. you're welcome. I was looking at viking ones too but the only red one I could find was single gear

  3. Those books are beautiful! I was trying to pick a favourite but they're all so gorgeous, guess I'll just have to wish for them all! xx

  4. lovely list :)

  5. Love love love that dress!

    Sarah xx

  6. The penguin books are beautiful! I bought the whole Roald Daul collection recently, tempted to get this too! Definitely wouldn't complain if that bike ended up in my stocking too... Xx

    1. I might start buying one book a month on payday or something, they really are very pretty x

  7. Christmas is coming, the newest michaelkors bags here


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