BT Sport Relief Challenge: Davina - Beyond Breaking Point

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Davina McCall will be ‘going the extra mile’ this Sport Relief by taking on the BT Sport Relief Challenge: Davina - Beyond Breaking Point, a seven day ordeal which will see the 46-year-old attempt to run, swim and cycle over 500 miles from Edinburgh to London - entirely under her own steam. I'm 26 and haven't had any kids and have a way less demanding job so I am in awe of how she is going to do all of this.

Davina is a long-time supporter of Comic Relief and, from lifting families out of extreme poverty in the slums to supporting life-saving maternal health clinics, has seen first-hand how your cash transforms countless lives. She’s pushing herself beyond breaking point to help give a brighter future to thousands of women and girls in Kenya and also transform lives in the UK and around the world.

Starting in Edinburgh on Saturday 8th February and finishing in London on Friday 14th February, Davina will battle saddle sores as she spends over 47 hours peddling; conquer a life-long fear of open water swimming and burn over 10,000 calories per day as she expends every last ounce of energy to reach London.

You can access to Davina’s journey with exclusive up to date photos, videos & facts on the website: Davina's BT Sport Relief Challenge

She is going to need loads of encouragement to tackle this challenge so you can tweet support to Davina by  using the hashtag #Davina.

Davina will also be the voice of BT’s Speaking Clock from Monday 27th January until the 23rd March, during which BT will donate 10p to Sport Relief for every call made to the BT Speaking Clock from a BT landline.

If that wasn’t enough, BT is also declaring Thursday 13th February ‘Dial for Davina’ day, where BT will kindly donate 1p to Sport Relief for every call made from a BT home phone line, BT business line as well as every call made from a BT payphone.

£30 can pay for six young people, living with a disability in the UK, to take part in a sporting activity and every £50 raised could pay for a young girl, living in the slums of Kenya, to complete an apprenticeship programme. Davina needs the public’s support to keep her going as she goes Beyond Breaking Point. Sponsor Davina at
If you want to take part in your own Sport Relef challenge head to where you can pledge to run, swim or cycle to raise money for the charity.Why not get in shape and raise some money for charity at the same time?

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  1. I bloody love Davina! I've been hearing her on Radio One getting so emotional about her challenge - what a struggle! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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