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I've spoken about how I'm trying to save for a house in a previous post and now I'm really trying to make an effort to save money which means buying less clothes. Buying less clothes doesn't mean that I have to look dull or not sport latest trends it means I need to dig a little deeper into my wardrobe and be inventive.

You don’t necessarily need to splash the cash to be more stylish. A few simple additions and some creative accessorising may be all it takes to lift the look of your favourite, well worn outfit. Update an old faithful and rediscover the contents of your wardrobe with the following thrifty tips. (or not, you're welcome to ignore me)

Accessorise from top to toe

Accessories can easily update a tired outfit. From a stylish hat to the perfect pair of shoes, you can really lift your look instantly with a well-chosen accessory.
From a casual beanie to a wide brimmed fedora, if the cap fits, wear it. Fashionable hats can set you apart in the style stakes. For a chic take on the accessory, team a stylish fedora with a classic and casual outfit, such as jeans, flats and a jacket or your favourite smock and biker jacket. Alternatively, channel a more casual style with a slouchy beanie and warm winter knits. Relatively inexpensive, a new hat and other chic accessories will make perfect style sense to money savers and bloggers alike. It's just a shame that I have a giant head and only beanie hats fit me, sob.

Why not consider a bright pair of shoes like in the photo above to add the finishing touch to your outfit? Pack a style punch with a statement pair of shoes in a bold colour or unusual print to really make an outfit pop.

Make more of your make-up

Why not update your existing look by experimenting with new make-up styles? A simple style tweak, such as an alternative shade of lipstick or flick of liquid liner, can help to lift a tired look and refresh an outfit choice. Experiment with make-up and outfit combinations to make bold style statements. I matched my blouse with an old lip marker I found in my make up box to create a more eye catching look for work.

Learn make-up tricks and tips online at SuperSavvyMe. Make the most of handy make-up hints from a panel of experienced beauty experts and be inspired by style and beauty ideas. Why not use the interactive Supersavvyme seasonal planner? From family life to health and well-being, enjoy helpful articles and advice and ensure you schedule some ‘me time’ to try out your newfound make-up techniques. I've also posted a hair tutorial which you might like to try as a quick and easy way of updating your look.

Accessorise in style

From bags to belts and bangles to hair bands, there are countless ways to accessorise an outfit. You can create a laid-back look or go all-out in the glamour stakes. I teamed this outfit with a gold necklace and bag to make it a little less ordinary. 

Whatever your preferred style, well-chosen accessories will complement your clothing choice and update your look with a price to suit every pocket. Do you try and rework an outfit to save money? Any tips for me?

*collaborative post

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  1. I really need to be better at accessorizing, the only ones I wear are belts!

    Maria xxx

  2. I am dreadful at accessorizing, I hardly own any for starters then get over attached to wearing the same pieces over and over... x


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