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By Gem - 19:30:00

damart coat

Coat: c/o Damart
Dress: ASOS
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes:  c/o Clarks

Damart recently asked me if I wanted to style something from their collection and they very kindly sent me this smart tweed coat which is rather chic. It's traditionally a brand aimed at mature women but they have plenty of classic items that would suit people of any age. The plus side of buying items from stores aimed at a different age group means you're less likely to spot someone wearing the same thing as you. Items will be a little more timeless and last more than one season like this trench coat. Another plus point about companies aimed at a wider age group is a wider range of sizes. Damart stock clothes in sizes 10-26. I normally have issues buying coats because I like to size up so can wear layers underneath and a lot of brands only stock up to a size 16 which means I can't.


The collar is detachable which is a nice touch but I love the faux fur so will be keeping it on.


I added this necklace to add some interest and a splash of colour.


Sookie stood in every photo I took of this outfit and when I wanted to have a photo cuddling her she kept on turning away, little diva.

Have you ever shopped at Damart before? If you want to take a look at other bloggers wearing Damart head over to their Pinterest board.

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  1. Love the jacket, especially the faux fur collar! I always like to be able to size up in jackets too, nothing worse than discovering you can't even fit a jumper underneath your new jacket! x

  2. This is such a gorgeous coat Gemma.

    I'd never heard of them before so will have to pay a little visit :) x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  3. Love the collar on this coat and your necklace is fab!

  4. That coat is so nice, lovely collar detail!

    meimei xx


  5. Nice outfit and very well coordinated.I love the coat and dress very nice.

  6. this is lovely but i haven't actually heard of damart before! x

  7. You look gorgeous in it! I wish our Canadians would dress up as nicely as you women do!

  8. It's very fabulous!! I'm in love with the bling :) x

  9. You look gorgeous and classy! I'm in love with fur coats but feel a bit silly wearing them every day as they look so formal - a fur collar seems like a really nice compromise! I wonder if they're easy to make..


  10. Oooh I spotted this coat, it looks super snug and so sophis ;) ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

  11. Love the colours in your coat. Most people tend to buy dark colours but here the coat is much lighter but still neutral so can go with other colours.



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