The Brit Pack Valentine's Edition

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I recently teamed up with some fabulous British bloggers to offer a huge giveaway. That's over now but it seemed a shame not to not to do something with them again as they were all such a pleasure to collaborate with and some of them are close friends. We've decided to keep our name the 'Brit Pack' and all create a post with the same theme, on the same day once a month. This months theme was an obvious choice and we have gone for 'Valentine's'.

I don't have anything heart print as I like to wear mainly darks and block colours but I certainly have enough heart accessories so this was a perfect time to get them out. I must apologise for the messy background and arm in the mirror, the storms have put a stop to any outdoor photos.The heart fairy lights were only £3 in Primark even even though I've got a set of fairy lights in my room already I couldn't resist them. You can never have too many fairy lights, right?

Dress: New Look
Shoes: Mel
Brooch: gift from Sarah

crochet collar

The necklace was a 21st birthday present from my family and always makes an appearance for special occasions. The shoes are from Mel and I had a pair in black first but caved and bought the pink and red pair too as they are a bit more fun. 
mel shoes

My lipstick is a Superstay 24 in Red Passion by Maybelline.


The team at Ann Summers sent me a little Valentine's Day surprise in the post, I think I'm going to treat myself to a kimono style wrap/dressing gown in one of their stores so I can sashay around the house thinking I'm super glamorous.

Brit Pack Button

I'm having a night in with the girls tonight with plenty of wine which is probably the best way to spend Valentine's Day. Hope you have a lovely day whatever you have planned.

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  1. Gorgeous! Love the shoes <3 hope you have a fun evening x

  2. This is brilliant - a nod to Valentine's without being over the top, the accessories are just darling and you look adorable! I think the idea of the Ann Summers wrap sounds great, it is nice to waft around in something you hope the postie doesn't see you in now and again ;)
    P x

  3. Really love this outfit - the shoes and necklace are sooo cute - I really need a Viviennne Westwood necklace in my life :)
    Love it

    Laura x

  4. Don't you look like the Queen of Hearts in this!! The whole outfit looks amazing on you!! :) I love them shoes! xx

  5. Looks like you are ready for the night... great outfit and your shoes are super funky

  6. I love this post!!! Your dress is so pretty and love the lipstick too! I thunk it's fabulous that there is a group of you forming 'Brit pack'

    1. Aaaw glad you like the idea. We all blog about different things to so some posts will be craft or make up focused x

  7. Love your outfit and your gorgeous face all the more :) x

  8. This dress is too cute!! I am addicted to dresses with cute collars xx

    1. Bit of a bargain too, it was around £20 x

  9. I love your outfit, especially the shoes. Simple but still a Valentines statement. Hope you had a good one. Love that Ann Summers sent you a gift hehe x

  10. Love these heart accessories :)

  11. You look blimming gorgeous, love this outfit!

    Maria xxx

  12. I love you and your gang! :D Happy V Day, can't wait to hear all about your new place in Newport next month! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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