French Connection - County Cotton Striped Dress

By Gem - 18:09:00

french connection dress

Dress: c/o French Connection
Bag: Zatchels
Brooch: gft from Sarah
Boots: Bank

There's no rest for the Wicked and I certainly feel like I've not had a moment to relax this week. I went to Birmingham to see Maximo Park last Friday, stayed out little too late then headed to Devon for a weekend with my friends and arrived back in Wales for work on Monday afternoon. I'm still paying for the late nights and I've been busy all week. I've had lots of fun events after work to attend and I've been packing for the move and painting my new house before I move in. Phew! Happy to be sitting on the sofa with Sookie and a cup of tea right now. I love that this dress has pockets and the square neckline is a nice touch too. 


I did a little book shopping and took Sookie out for a stroll in this outfit earlier. The sun was shining but it was still a little chilly so I paired this lovely striped dress with some tights and took a biker jacket out with me too. This dress is made from a heavy cotton so it hangs nicely and I know I will be wearing this in the summer with my white keds and some sunglasses for days out at the seaside and strolls in the park. 


I added my red heart brooch and my gold satchel for a bit of colour. I love that my satchel looks all battered and worn now, such a well used item. I like these boots, they are easy to walk in and only cost £20 but boy do they rub. I never attempt going out in these without some socks. 


I'm going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday evening by reading in bed and pottering around my room before another busy week starts tomorrow.

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  1. I love your boots and the satchel! Sounds like you've had a good week, hope this next one is just as good for you! x

  2. What a lovely dress, I like the fact it has pockets - more dresses should have pockets! x

    1. exactly, no more worrying what to do with my hands and somewhere to store treats ;)

  3. OMG I love the Satchel!!!! I need it!!! :)

  4. can't go wrong with stripes. classic xx

  5. It has pockets! Lovely dress, and love the satchel : )

  6. Ah that dress is such a 'gem' dress!

    1. I do love it :) Can't wait to wear it again to work tomorrow, so comfy.

  7. The first picture is so pretty in the dappled sunshine :)
    that dress is just right on you, what a fab item x

  8. Really love this outfit - you look great (and I love your hair in these photos :)
    Those shoes really go well with the outfit, but a pity they rub - although they look great!
    Also in love with your gold bag :)

    Laura x

  9. Eeep, I love the dress! And with pockets- what more could you want? Love the way you've styled it. Lots of personality xx

  10. Ah you look lovely, I do love a good stripe. AND MAXIMO PARK! Be still my beating heart. THE COASTS ARE ALWAYS CHAAAANGIN



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