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By Gem - 16:06:00

This is a picture of a boohoo plus striped t-shirt.

Boohoo unveiled its new plus-size range recently and I was pleasantly surprised by the collection. Plus size clothing can be rather expensive. Leggings and tunics are £20+ when the standard sized ones are much cheaper.  I love the pastels, neons and sports luxe items in the collection but I also love the price- nothing costs more than £30! The range comes in sizes 16-24 (hope this is extended even more) and I feel they offer fashion forward pieces for women with a fuller figure.There are plenty of classic items in the range and I opted to try out this striped t-shirt. It's one of those items that is always handy to have in your wardrobe and it's a heavy jersey material so it hangs nicely.

t-shirt : c/o boohoo - Skirt: New Look - Backpack: Moony Mood - Zip up boots - Clarks

This backpack is my new favourite item, the shoulder ache from my heavy handbags has been relieved and I love being able to use both hands freely on the commute to work. Why haven't I used a backpack since school?!

These boots have been hiding in the botton of my wardrobe for a while now that I walk a fair distance to the station in the morning. I'm wearing the same old pair of converse all the time so it was nice to swap them for a smarter pair of boots on the weekend.

Just to bring a smile to your face I've added a photo of Button's who lives with me and is my boyfriend's bunny. Isn't he a cutie?

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  1. Button is such a babe! You really can't go wrong with stripes Gem!

  2. That backpack looks awesome! I wish I'd never stopped using them either! xx

  3. Well, I'd happily admit I'm not the biggest Boohoo fan, but this tee looks lush, you look great in it! And can I take Button home kthxbai <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. hello Buttons!
    You are totally rocking the striped tee Gem. I don't think I own any striped tees at all, not Breton or anything. x

  5. Love this outfit, love buttons and am a huge fan of backpacks (have a few of my own!). All good for me on this post!!

  6. Ohh I love Boohoo but have never purchased anything before.. Good to know they are catering for a fuller figure now, so frustrating that other retailers charge the earth for simply a bigger size! x

  7. Looking lovely Gem, you can;t go wrong with stripes!

    Maria xxx

  8. Your whole outfit is lovely, from top to bottom! I also love bunnies!! He's so adorable.

  9. I've been put off Boohoo by their terrible quality in the past so now I never think to look on their site, but I like the fact that they are catering to a wider market.


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