Warehouse Swing Dress

By Gem - 11:31:00

This is a picture of a warehouse black smock dress
Dress: c/o Warehouse - Shoes: eBay - Necklace: H&M - Watch: Daniel Wellington

I'm wearing this to work today and it's sunny and 19 degrees. I like to think that I look like someone from American Horror Story Coven but maybe I should be wearing sandals and a maxi dress because this is probably our British summer, right? This dress may be black but it's super light and cool and perfect for the office. The loose fit of the swing dress is great because I've probably expanded a few inches after the BBQ and picnic I had over the weekend. I wanted to make the most of the sun so I spent as much time in my garden as I could and Martyn took me to Nash Point (which is one of my favourite places) for a picnic and I might share some pictures from that later in the week.

This necklace and the watch below are probably my two most worn accessories. They make an impact and can really jazz up a plain outfit.

I'm off to Alice's wedding this weekend up in Sheffield with Martyn and I'm really looking forward to it. It's amazing to think that I met Alice through this blog, struck up a friendship through letters and now I'm sharing her big day with her. The internet can be a wonderful place and I feel lucky to have made connections with some lovely ladies through it. I even met Martyn online so you could say that the internet has been pretty life changing for me. I love having blogger friends all over the country and being able to chat to people with lots in common with me is something I never get tired of.

If you've got any tips about places I should visit in Sheffield please let me know and I want to break up the drive back to South Wales so would love some ideas of places to visit on the way back.

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  1. Lovely looking dress.
    I am not much of a dress girl but when I see pictures like this I am always tempted to give them a try... again ...

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, suits you so nicely. Loving your accessories as well, that necklace is a beaut!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs

  3. Oh I love this outfit and the weather is so changeable at the moment that it would probably rain if you wore sandals - I know it always does when I do!
    Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding, I'm really gutted that I can't make it. <3

  4. Ah Gemma this warms my cockles! I feel a Cardiff trip is in order!

  5. Whoop to Warehouse - you are rocking that swing dress! I have one from them too, and they're shapes are most definitely perfect for BBQ's!

    Have a fun weekend Gembear xxxx

  6. That dress is so lovely on you. I do get the fear about dark colours in the heat and tend to stick with lighter ones for summer. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday :D x

  7. Such a cute outfit! Do you have a link to the boots, or were they a random find?

    1. here we go http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-WOMENS-LADIES-ANKLE-BUCKLE-HIGH-HEELS-CHELSEA-FAUX-LEATHER-BOOTS-SHOES-SIZE-/271262689529?pt=UK_Women_s_Shoes&var=570179744346&hash=item3f288428f9 only £20 with delivery :)


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