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It's always hard knowing what to wear in the summer if you're a size 16+ like me. You want to keep cool and fashionable, yet you might not feel comfortable in crop tops and you all know I live in black tights and cardigans so I really struggle. So what can you wear this summer that ticks all the boxes? Take a look at a few suggestions:

Skater Dresses

These are my style staple all year round. I layer them up with a cardigan and tights in the winter but wear them with nude tights in the summer. They are easy to wear, suit all shapes and are available everywhere. I don’t really have a separate summer/winter wardrobe (we don’t really have seasons in Wales, just rain) so I utilise what I have.

This is definelty the most summery dress I own.

Bodycon Dress

Don't think this statement style is just for slimmer women. Any girl can easily rock a bodycon dress. Don’t hide under layers of fabric in a maxi dress which loads of plus size retailers sell in the summer. They look great with sandals in the day if you go for a jersey one or in the evening with heels for a more glamorous look.

Pencil Skirts

For that famous Marilyn Monroe wiggle, look no further than a pencil skirt. Team with a pair of gorgeous heels and a beautiful chiffon blouse to stay cool, or a fitted short sleeve wrap shirt for work and you're ready to take on the world in style.


The bigger girl’s best friend, leggings are comfortable and can go under shorter dresses and tunics to give that little bit of extra confidence to the girl who isn't too fond of having her legs on show like me. I just feel bar without something on my legs. They are also great for chub rub (you know what I’m talking about, right?)  You'll find a great selection of leggings at George that are the perfect addition to any outfit. Just remember, leggings and shorter tops are a no no because there's nothing worse than seeing your underwear through a pair of leggings that are too see through. I’ve picked up a few pairs of shorts to wear under short dresses in the summer too which are great to make sure I’m not flashing anything and are a cute way to beat the ‘chub rub’.


To elongate the legs and make you appear taller, plus add a little spring in your step, heels are just the thing. The right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit and heels are a fantastic way to inject a little bit of colour into an outfit, especially if you're a fan of dark clothes. I mainly wear black, even in the summer so bright shoes can make my wardrobe more season appropriate, Everyone needs the perfect pair of black heels, and nude heels are also a great addition to any wardrobe, but that is where practicality ends and fun takes over. Think colour block heels, bright red heels, cut out styles or pretty patterned heels and you'll have the perfect addition to any outfit. Baseball style shoes are also really practical and are perfect for summer walks.
My pink and red mel shoes certainly brighten up a dark dress.

Just because I’m not ‘straight sized’ doesn’t mean I hide away in the summer and you don't have to stick to the 'safe' option. Have fun with fashion and work those gorgeous curves.

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  1. I love skater dresses and I think they look great on curvier women.

  2. I love skater dresses too, the one you're wearing is such a pretty colour! (:

    L x

  3. I'm the same, I have a wardrobe full of skater dresses - in fact I very nearly bought the coral one in your first photo! I also love a good midi dress for summer as it hides my thighs; also cycling shorts/leggings are a GODSEND. I just struggle to find good ones, where do you find yours? xx

    1. Dorothy Perkins is fab and Sainsburys aren't bad either and I think they do 2 for £8, bargain!

  4. I own sooooo many skater dress/tunics and think I live in leggings so it's nice to see some other options I could try in my wardrobe too :)


  5. I agree with the above - Sainsbury's is definitely the place to go for leggings! I'd been thinking about cycling shorts under dresses but was feeling a bit silly, think I might give it a go now though! Thanks so much! :)


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