Have You Packed for Wales?

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I was born and bred in Wales and I would like to think I’m a positive advocate for my country. I think everyone should Visit Wales if they have the chance because it’s an amazingly diverse area of the UK in terms of its scenery. We have everything from cities, beautiful blue flag beaches, mountains and a tranquil countryside. Wales really is the perfect holiday destination for everyone from thrill seekers to people looking for a relaxing break. Have a little look at the fantastic new ‘Have you packed for Wales?‘ campaign and you will soon be desperate to visit my home country to explore our castles, surf down the Gower and climb Snowdon. You have to pay to cross the Severn Bridge to get into Wales, it's so good we charge admission ;)

Visit Wales, and Berghaus challenged me to reveal what I would pack for a trip to Wales. I never pack light and try to cover every eventuality but I don't want to bore you so here are my edited 'must-have' items:
  1. A good backpack - I hate not being to have everything I want with me when I go for a walk or not be able to steady my camera in both hands so a back pack is essential. Some parts of Wales can be rural an isolated so it's good to have everything you need close to hand. There's plenty of room for a picnic and camera in this one along with some extra layers if the weather is changeable.
  2. Maps & guide books - I know you can find out most of what you need online now and use googlemaps but that won't be much help on a beach with a poor signal or half way up a mountain. I like to prepare in advance and have a good idea of what I want to do with my day so I can pack a lot into my holiday and make the most of it.
  3. Camera & notebook - If you're going to visit Wales and it's spectacular views you want to be able to remember them and capture them on camera. I also like to keep a little notebook with me so I can jot down names and details to put in my holiday scrapbook when I get home.
  4. Flask and external battery - I like to camp when I go on holiday in Wales (Trevayne is lovely), we don't have an electric hookup cable so being able to charge my phone in the car or with an external battery is handy and a flask means I don;t have to keep on using gas to boil water for tea.

Once you're all packed for Wales and ready to explore where should you visit?

Fat Frocks top 5 places to visit in Wales:
  1. Tresaith - A stunning beach in West Wales with a huge waterfall
  2. Caldey Island - A holy island just off the Pemrokeshire coast where Cistercian monks live.
  3. Penarth - Pretty seaside town with a newly renovated pier, a short bus ride away from Cardiff.
  4. Brecon - Stunning national park which is home to a steam train, Pen y Fan & waterfalls.
  5. St David's - Smallest city in the UK with a large cathedral and a great place to surf and camp.

I have to admit my list of top places to visit in Wales is pretty South, West and Mid Wales centred but that's because I've never been to North Wales. Scandalous, I know. I'm hoping to change that with a trip up North to explore Snowdonia and Portmeirion in September.

Have you ever been on holiday in Wales? What would you pack for a trip to Wales?

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  1. Having had a house there, I've spent SO much time in N Wales in previous years. I really love it.

  2. I haven't been to Wales in over ten years and I keep meaning to go back. You know I'll be hitting you up when I finally get around to it!

  3. Great post, I definitely think Wales is a must have visit when coming to the UK x

  4. Tenby is one of my favourite places in the world. I would pack an umbrella, as beautiful scenery means rain!

  5. I have never visited Wales properly but looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Maria xxx

  6. I went to Caldey Island on a recent trip to Tenby. I thought it was a lovely day out! X

  7. Great post! Feel slightly ashamed that I have explored so little of Wales since being in Cardiff for uni. Everyone keeps telling me that Barry is somewhere everyone should experience once. But I have been on the look out for a good seaside town near Cardiff so Penarth may be a good place to check out.

  8. My Mum's best friend used to live in North Wales so we visited a few times a year and I've spent quite a bit of time in other parts of the country too - such beautiful landscapes and fab for walking! How did you find the Anker external battery? I've been reading reviews of a few different ones online recently and haven't made my mind up yet but they seem so useful! Alice xx


  9. I'm desperate to explore more of Wales, I've not been since our caravan holiday to Tenby when I was about 9!
    My Sentimental Heart

  10. Definitely loved Portmerion! I love Neath as well and Rossily bay in the Gower peninsula. X

  11. Portmeirion is on my list, absolutely! I am become more and more obsessed with Wales as years go by, I'm like a walking advert!! x


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