Wales Coast Path - Sudbrook - Walking with Fat Face

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Jumper: H&M - Jeans: c/o Fat Face - Shoes: Converse c/o Spartoo

As much as I would love to go walking in my usual tights and dress with pumps that really isn't ideal so I popped on my super comfy, stretchy jeggings from Fat Face and some more practical shoes to head out for a walk this weekend. I normally have real issues trying to find jeans that fit all over but these jeggings were spot on. I hate a baggy ankle, don't you? If you get a pair of skinny jeans you want them to be skinny all the way down. I'm definitely going to be wearing these again this winter with some added layering to keep warm on my winter geeky train walks. I may even be tempted to get some slouchy boyfriend jeans like Elizabeth who is rocking them over on her blog here. One step at a time though, this dress loving girl won't become a jeans convert overnight. 



The walk I went on around Sudbrook isn’t the prettiest in Wales - its heavily industrialised but that's the type of history I really love. The route Martyn and I walked along forms part of the Wales Coast Path which runs along the whole 870 miles of Wales. This area is known for lave net fishing and has been an important crossing point since Roman times. 

The reason I wanted to visit the little town is the engineering marvels on view. Not only can you see the Severn Bridge and Second Severn Crossing, there is also a hidden tunnel too. The Victorian engineers wanted to create a less perilous crossing between England and Wales in a time when the only way across the channel was by ferry. Bob Dylan took this ferry once as he needed to get from one live show in Cardiff to perform in Bristol the next day. 

The village of Sudbrook houses the huge brick building that contains the pumping station which spews out millions of gallons of water from the spring that would otherwise flood the Severn Tunnel. You might not even learn anything about the little village by walking through it but it has a real important history. I loved the little row of Great Western Railway workers cottages, all the quirky little alleys and the wonderfully eccentric Tunnel Centre which documents the history of the town. I'm guessing most of you aren't into trains but you can find out a bit more about the construction of the tunnel here if you like. 

What are you go-to items of clothing when you go for a long walk? Can you recommend any interesting walks in the West for me? 

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  1. You look gorgeous here Gemma and I love hearing about history, I love how much you love it!

    Maria xxx

  2. i think your blog very good, thanks for sharing.
    Best Regards,

  3. ive never heard of sudbrook before.the view is beautiful!


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