1 dress, 3 ways - #WorkIt with Kaleidoscope

By Gem - 16:38:00

Dress: c/o Kaleidoscope - Boots: Primark - Scarf: charity shop 
Jacket: Topshop - Bag c/o Kaleidoscope

Coat: New Look - Shoes: Clarks

I don't believe in keeping clothes 'for best' or buying things that can only be worn in limited situations. I like to have an interchangeable wardrobe filled with items that I can mix and match and wear for work, a night out or on the weekend. 

This black dress I'm wearing is from the Kaleidoscope workwear  section but I've been wearing it in a variety of ways. It's a great dress for this time of year when you're going out straight after work for Christmas parties or drinks. You really can't go wrong with a 'little black dress' and this one has got a little added interest in the form of the mesh bands running along the hem and neckline which mean it is work appropriate but also fun and eye catching. 

Accessories are the key to wearing a dress in more than one way. I like to keep my outfits mostly black for work with some smart pumps and add colour in the evening with a statement necklace or a bold bag at weekends. 

Do you have a section of your wardrobe exclusively worn just to work or do you like to mix things up?

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  1. Love the dress! I'm also a fan of taking one dress and reusing it for several outfits - my work wardrobe is basically just my normal wardrobe, so there's often dresses that I'll wear with say a cardie to work and then add a statement necklace to turn it into a fancier after-work outfit.

    Lynne x


  2. Ah I love the mesh detailing on this Gem - so sassy!

  3. Love how you accessorize the same dress differently. I have zero fashion sense but you have just given me ideas for my little black dress.

  4. I totally agree about only wearing clothes in certain situations! It just feels like a waste of clothes! I really love the first look. The pops of colourful accessories on top of all black is just fab! <3 xx

  5. I love those blue shoes they look fab. That bag would look great with them x

  6. I am really trying to embrace the whole 'use it now' don't 'save it for best' attitude, life is short so use it or lose it :) I love the blue bag, it is beautiful!!!!! x


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