Our First House - Kitchen & dining room

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Dining room

This was the room that sold the house to me. It's got a lovely fireplace, original picture rail, built in storage and a big bay window looking out on to the back yard. The floor is currently filled with our bikes and clutter that needs to go in the shed once we put it together and there are a few finishing touches to add as it's looking a bit stark. There was a big surprise with this room, when we pulled the fireplace back to paint the wall we discovered the recess was only propped up with a bit of wood and we've had to put a lintel in to support the chimney breast. Home owning comes with lots of lovely little surprises like this... Once the attic room is ready I'll be moving the record collection up there and putting a Welsh dresser in their place.


I'm not particularly happy with this room at the moment. The tiling and worktops are both new but the previous owners made sloppy work of both of them. I need to re-grout the tiles and seal them where they meet the worktop and the worktop needs some edging to stop it blistering. I'm hoping to replace the cupboard doors over the next couple of months with some white ones which will make the room much brighter and more to my taste. The kitchen carcass is new so I won't need to replace that which will mean a budget kitchen makeover.  

I'm really happy with how everything is coming together with the house. There's so much left to do which isn't always easy to get done when myself, Martyn and my family all work varied shifts but we're getting there. This is the final introductory post to my new house, you can see the rest of my new house by clicking here and some before photos here.

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  1. At least the kitchen will be fairly easy to sort- we had similar problems when we moved into ours. Also some dodgy cabling, but that's a long story for another day. Let's just say the owner before us had some interesting DIY ideas...
    LOVE your finishing touches though, the cute kilners and ofc your amazing Kitchen Aid :)

  2. Gorgeous home, love the decor. I hope you enjoy settling in :)

  3. How exciting! I love seeing rooms being transformed. Can't wait to see how you make this place your own. x

  4. Could you potentially paint the doors white with chalk paint? Save you having to buy a whole set of new doors? I love grouting, definitely one of my favoured DIY's! Love the colour of the dining room too! Alice xxx


  5. I'm obsessed with that cupboard next to your fireplace! Like the commenter above I'd definitely say trying painting them, we bought amazing cupboard door paint from wilkinsons last year and revamped our kitchen- it looked amazing and was really reasonably priced :) xx

    1. Thanks Charlotte :) I had priced up a few primers and paints and it seems only a small saving compared to getting new doors but will check out wilko x

  6. Oh the fireplace is amazing - can totally see how that would sell the house to you!! Having white doors in the kitchen will make such a difference :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  7. I love all the artwork you've put up! It's the personal touches that make it

  8. What a lovely home you have - those framed pieces are delightful!

  9. it looks so warm and cozy!!

  10. It looks so, so nice!!! This is the type of house I'd love!


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