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Today I'm delving into my photo collection and sharing the best examples of crimes against fashion with you. I'm hopefully going to give you something to laugh at because some of the photos below are seriously embarrassing. I'm not even sure why I've decided to share some of these... I always wanted to wear dungarees and my ninja mutant turtles t-shirt because I thought that was super cool but my mam had other ideas... I existed entirely in white and pink with lots of frills and bows and lace until the age of 5 which was the Valleys look in the late 80s. 

Lets kick this off with 7 year old me in coral, everything is coral. My socks were probably coral. Look at my brother, isn't he cute? He REALLY loved Pluto. 

I'm thinking I was about 7 here again and in my Disney obsessed phase. I thought I was Belle and forks really are dinglehoppers. 

This is probably the first and last time I managed to look demure, ladylike and photogenic. I imagine I picked this dress out from the Woolworths Ladybird catalogue for a Christmas party. Little did I know I was anticipating the Peter pan collar trend by about 15 years. This is definitely one outfit that I would still wear now and I actually have a pair of patent shoes just like those and you can get some cute lookalikes for your little ones here.

I don't understand this look at all, green velvet? All lime and shiny... Check out that fringe.

I think this is my 2nd Birthday party and I look really happy because there's coconut cake on the table. Some things never change because cake still makes me smile. 

First day of high school and I'm wearing Kickers,  I HAD to have Kickers.

This is probably the most ridiculous photo of me and the most Shirley Temple I ever managed to look. 

Even though I wore all of these outfits about 20 years ago some of them are pretty timeless. The 90s look is back in, parent still like to make their little princesses wear frilly party dresses and kids always love Disney. 

Do you have fond memories of a party dress you wore as a kid or are you trying to forget a particularly hideous outfit you were forced to wear?

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  1. I think your Shirley Temple look is super cute!

  2. What great photos of you! You look lovely in your Woolworth's dress :) I remember wearing a satin blue top in the 80s with big flowers

  3. Gemma you look so cute in these pics!

    Maria xxx

  4. I love looking back at old family photos. I look back at mine and often ask what made my Mum think that the outfit she dressed me in was nice? I had a hell of a lot of disney clothes when I was little including underwear. My Nan insisted that I must wear Disney pants and vests from Marks & Spencers!
    The late 80's/early 90's was definitely an era of weird fashion! HA!
    I do love your Shirley Temple Look
    Laura x x x

  5. Oh gosh, these photos bring back some memories! I'm pretty sure I spent most of the 90s in dungarees or hideous floral-print leggings haha!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  6. Gemma you look so cute on the pictures especially the last one.


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