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Finding the perfect party dress which can fill you with confidence, make an impression but also be appropriate if you are partying with colleagues is a tall order. The dress I'm wearing to my office Christmas night out manages to tick all the boxes for me. We wear formal/business wear in work so I feel like this needs to be reflected in my outfit choice. I've opted for a midi length lace dress which is an appropriate length but the lace makes it feel more opulent than my normal work dresses. 

My dress if from the Kaleidoscope party wear range and they had a great selection of dresses to chose from with plenty of sequins, sparkle and embellishments but this intricate lace dress was the one that eventually lured me in. 

Even though the dress has plenty of detail in the lace it is all one colour so I added a necklace with hints of berry, pink and grey for a bit of interest. 

Dress: c/o Kaleidoscope - Shoes: New Look - Necklace: Dorothy Perkins - Ring: gift

I think this dress would take you from cocktail parties to black tie events and is demure but fun at the same time (the big net skirt is perfect for swooshing on the dance floor). Kaledeiscope have a handy guide if you want to incorporate more lace into your wardrobe which you can read here.

When i'm wearing a dress and cardigan in work I'm not overly bothered about a sleek silhouette or smooth lines but as this dress is pretty fancy I'll be wearing this waist Maidenfom waistnipper with it. This has the best sucking in power of any shape wear I've ever tried. I might get one in nude for my wedding as my dress is quite floaty and light so this will help to create a lovely shape.

Whether you chose lace, sequins or an LBD I hope you all have a wonderful time at any Christmas parities you may be attending. A big fat Welsh Nadolig Llawen from me!

*some items in this post were provided by Kaleidescope but all words are my own

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  1. Oohh that's such a pretty dress! I love lace, and it looks fab for swishing in.
    Alana x

  2. This is simply gorgeous! I would love to have this. I'd probably prefer it in black, though I should add a splash of colour to my wardrobe!

  3. The dress & you are gorgeous! I love blue dresses & lace so this is perfect! xo

  4. This looks like a beautiful dress - really pretty and it suits you perfectly as well.

  5. That is such a beautiful dress, definitely what I'd be wearing at Christmas if I could find one which suited me as much as this suits you x

  6. It is a really beautiful dress - you look stunning. Gorgeous colour too. Kaz x


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