Our Cardiff Wedding - The Ceremony

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This is a picture of the exterior of the National Museum Cardiff

This is a picture of me having my hair styled for my wedding

This is a picture of my flat bridal shoes from asos

this is a picture of my sequin wedding dress from asos

This is a picture of a National Museum Cardiff Wedding  - gallery 4

this is a picture of a wedding bouquet with white roses

This is a picture of a traditional white wedding car

Photography – Cross- Jones Photography | Wedding Dress – ASOS | Headband – Jenny Packham Debenhams | Groom’s Suit - French Connection | Venue – National Museum Cardiff | Makeup & hair  – Julie Davies | Car -iDoo | Flowers - Secret Garden 

17th September 2017

On the morning of the wedding I woke up early at my mam's house after a very restless night. I spent the day before the wedding dashing around, getting decorations to the venue and making my favours at the very last minute with my brother and friends. I forgot to get a stud for my nose piercing, left some decorations at home and didn't pack my phone charger - I had a million things running through my mind and all of the lists I made in the build up to the wedding didn't help me get a good night sleep. 

With the ceremony not until 5pm the morning seemed to drag. I missed Coco who was at home with Martyn and couldn't wait to get to the hotel, get my hair and make up done and get to the venue. I chose not to have any bridesmaids which I think helped the getting ready process stay calm and quiet. My mum and I had our hair and make up done together and friends came over to see me just before I was ready to leave and brought me bubbly and a Gregg's corned beef slice (as requested) for lunch. Keeping it classy on my wedding day! 

I visited a few bridal shops and the plus size sections were pretty un-inspiring and featured a lot of strapless dresses and lace which wasn’t the look I wanted. Shopping online was so much easier, and I was able to find a vintage/deco dress I liked for a bargain price from ASOS. I didn't feel entirely confident on my wedding day. I didn't look the best I had ever looked, I couldn't have the dress of my dreams because they only make them for waif people with a lot of money to burn but I did feel comfortable in my dress and I looked like me. There was no drastic makeover or dodgy spray tan. Ultimately the day wasn't about a dress - I was making a commitment to the one I love in front of my family and friends. 

The next part was huge blur. The dog sitter was late because of awful traffic into our hometown and the car going to get Martyn was stuck in the same traffic. I had a bit of a panic when I found out about the delay, downed some prosecco in the bathroom and took some time to just breathe. I barely remember getting in the car to go to the ceremony venue or speaking to the registrar. Martyn ended up taking Coco in the car to the venue with him which we didn't plan but Coco put Martyn at ease and meant we had more time to have photos taken with him. 

The ceremony seemed to take 60 seconds and the only part I have a clear memory of is walking down the aisle to Ceremony by New Order and seeing Martyn waiting for me at the other end. He looked so pleased to see me (or maybe the look was terror?) Martyn thought the 20 minute wait between speaking to the registrar and waiting for me to arrive felt like an eternity and he was shaking when I reached him at the end of the aisle and held my hand throughout the ceremony. 

We both have very different tastes when it comes to music so it was tricky to try and blend the two together. We had Super Furry Animals – Hello Sunshine and The Maccabees - Toothpaste Kisses whilst signing the register and Descendents  - We was our song to exit to as this is one of Martyn’s favourite bands. Despite spending hours agonising over these choices we didn't even notice them playing amidst all the adrenaline, excitement and photos being taken. 

The National Museum made a beautiful setting for our wedding and the museum agreed to keep the lights on in the dinosaur section (they only typically keep the art galleries open). This meant we were able to get some great 'Night at the Museum' style photos. I loved the venue, the vows we chose and pretty much everything about the ceremony, I wouldn't change a thing. 

I've shared a couple of other posts about my wedding which cover some planning tips, what to expect and my feelings after the big day. I'll also share some photos of the reception at some point but seeing as this post has taken my 3 months to write it might not be ready until the summer... 


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  1. No way was this three months ago?! Thank you so much for the honour of being pat of your day Gem!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. Congratulations! What a stunning venue you had and you look amazing really love your dress and shoes.

  3. This looks like a real life fairytale. I wish you both all the best for the future. You really looked like a princess. Beautiful.

  4. Oh my goodness, you looked amazing and the venue is wow, like wow so gorgeous. I love your dress

  5. I think that it is amazing that you were able to have your wedding at The National Museum and I loved the detail shots of your beautiful bridal gown and the bouquet of flowers! x

  6. Can I just say how lovely your post is, not just the gorgeous photos you have chosen to share but your honesty about what it's like on your wedding day. Also I love your dress, it may not have been the dress of dreams, but you looked beautiful and just so very glamorous in a very understated way. Your wedding and your dress and make-up is exactly what I would like when I get married (if ever). I love that you got married at the National Museum, that's pretty wicked!

  7. I used to work at the museum and it was always magical to see the galleries transformed from a tourist spot into a wedding venue. Love that you used the dinosaurs too :D Congratulations both!

  8. I think you look gorgeous! Your dress and shoes are so pretty! Congratulations xx

  9. It all goes by in such a blur doesn't it. The dress you wore is gorgeous and the venue is just stunning. I bet you are really happy with the photos

  10. Many Congratulations you look beautiful in the dress, it just goes to show that you don't need to spend thousands on a dress. I love the simplicity of the wedding , its more personal and unique. Wishing you a wonderful life together.

  11. Such great photos, congratulations! Your dress looks perfect on you!

  12. Such a beautiful day Gemma :) I love your dress so much :)

  13. what a fantastic location for a wedding - it looks lovely, as do you of course! I love the Maccabees - great choice there ;)

  14. I love the fact that you had a Greggs on your wedding day haha! Your dress and photos are absolutely stunning, and the venue looks remarkable. Such a beautiful day! :) xo

    Emma-Louise | Dino's Beauty

  15. Your wedding sounds perfect and I love the venue!

  16. Beautifully Written - it was a wonderful day xx


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